Residence Unit and Other Registration Categories


In addition to registering for individual courses, students in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences are required to register for Residence at the University. In all Ph.D. programs and most M.A. programs, this is typically done by registering for Residence Units, which provide the basis for tuition charges. This does not apply to students in certain free-standing M.A. programs; see below for exceptions.

If you have questions about registration categories, please contact your department or program administrator.

Degree Requirements

Two Residence Units are required for the M.A. earned as part of a Ph.D. degree; four additional Residence Units, for a total of six overall, are required for the M.Phil., Ph.D., and D.M.A. degrees.

Two Residence Units are required for the free-standing Master of Arts degree (with the exception of the programs listed below).

Full- and Part-Time Registration

A full-time student must register for a full Residence Unit, Extended Residence, or Matriculation and Facilities (see below) each semester, whether or not the student is taking courses. Students in Ph.D. programs may not register part-time.

With the exceptions listed below, part-time students in free-standing M.A. programs may register for quarter or half Residence Units.

  • A student who is registered for a full Residence Unit may enroll in any number of courses; additional tuition is charged per point if the student registers for more than 20 points per semester.
  • A student who is registered for a half Residence Unit may enroll in no more than three courses.
  • A student who is registered for a quarter Residence Unit may enroll in one or two courses.

Full, half, and quarter Residence Units are calculated on the basis of courses taken for a letter grade, Pass/Fail, or for R credit.

Extended Residence (ER)

After completing the appropriate number of Residence Units, students are required to register for Extended Residence for any term in which they:

  • register for a course
  • hold a University teaching or research appointment

Matriculation and Facilities (M&F)

To satisfy the continuous registration requirement and to make use of various University facilities, Ph.D. students in Arts and Sciences programs who have completed at least six Residence Units register for Matriculation and Facilities when they are only:

  • completing a degree requirement such as a language examination or qualifying examination
  • preparing the dissertation proposal
  • writing or distributing the dissertation

In all other cases, a Ph.D. student must register for either a full Residence Unit or Extended Residence. Ph.D. students do not register in any semester following the one in which they distribute the dissertation.

Note: Students who register for M&F are not assessed the University Facilities Fee, which includes membership to the Dodge Fitness Center. GSAS will pay the Dodge access membership fee during the academic year (fall and spring semesters only) for doctoral students in Arts and Sciences programs who are registered for M&F and either receiving their dissertation fellowship or otherwise eligible for GSAS funding through the multiyear funding package awarded upon admission. For more information, click here.

Exceptions to Residence Unit Registration and Billing

Students entering the following free-standing M.A. programs in fall 2016 or later register for a full or fractional Residence Unit following the rules above. Students who entered these programs in spring 2016 or earlier do NOT register for Residence Units.

  • American Studies
  • Human Rights Studies
  • Islamic Studies
  • Japanese Pedagogy
  • Jewish Studies
  • Medieval and Renaissance Studies
  • Modern European Studies
  • South Asian Studies