The transition to doctoral study can be daunting. To help you navigate your first year at GSAS, we asked ten Columbia faculty members to share their words of wisdom for incoming PhD and DMA students.

The transition to graduate school can be daunting. To help you navigate your first several months at GSAS, we asked ten current and former Columbia MA program directors and coordinators to share their words of wisdom for incoming master’s students.

Joss Greene, PhD Candidate in Sociology, recipient of the inaugural Devon T. Wade Mentorship and Service Award and a Center for Engaged Scholarship dissertation fellowship, shares his dissertation journey as he works on “Gender Bound: Regulating Femininity in Prisons for Men,” an examination of prison regulation of gender deviance between 1940 and 2018. Over the course of this year, Greene reveals the ups and downs of his dissertation-writing process. In his first diary entry, he described his topic and methodology and his secret trick for maintaining work/life balance: his dog, Milo. In this entry, Greene reflects on the transition from research to writing and working on his book proposal — and shares Milo’s latest milestone. 

Kate Daloz, Director of the recently inaugurated GSAS Writing Studio, discusses her writing background, shares advice for dissertating students, and reveals what she has planned for the Studio’s future.

In celebration of Latin@ Heritage Month, Isabel Geathers, GSAS’s assistant dean for academic diversity, talks to Ivón Padilla-Rodríguez, a second-year PhD candidate in History, about her research, her family, and the connections between the two.

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