GSAS Alumni Association Committees

The Board of Directors of the GSAS Alumni Association divides its work between the committees detailed below.

Ambassadorship Committee

The Ambassadorship Committee serves as the conduit to deepen engagement within the board and committees. It also provides strategic support for board initiatives and outreach with the broader GSAS alumni community. Voting board members of this committee shall, with the president, comprise the board’s Nominating Subcommittee, which is responsible for building and maintaining a pool of candidates for the GSAS Alumni Association Board, and identifying GSAS alumni and students to serve on committees of the GSAS Alumni Association.

Awards Committee

The Awards Committee is responsible for curating a pool of worthy candidates for the Dean’s Award for Outstanding Achievement and the Outstanding Recent Alumni Award. Additionally, the committee makes nominations to the dean for these awards and recommends individuals from the pool who could serve as volunteers or development prospects for the school.

Events Committee

The Events Committee is charged with partnering with representatives of the GSAS Office of Alumni and Development of Columbia University to ensure that diverse and effective programs, activities, and events are developed to strengthen GSAS alumni affiliation, and to meet the needs of GSAS, graduate students in GSAS, and Columbia University.

Professional Outreach Committee

The Professional Outreach Committee works in collaboration with the dean, the GSAS Office of Student Affairs, and the GSAS Office of Alumni Relations to build programs that develop student awareness of the GSAS alumni community, provide students with professional development opportunities, and serve as a conduit between students and a broad base of alumni.

Recent Alumni and Student Committee

The Recent Alumni and Student Committee is charged with creating connections between current GSAS students and recent graduates to build awareness of resources available to graduate students and to assist with students’ transition to the alumni community.

Stewardship and Engagement Committee

The Stewardship and Engagement Committee is charged with assisting GSAS administration with planning and executing a strategic approach to stewardship, constituent relations, and development programs.