Time-Off Policy for Doctoral Students on Appointment in the Sciences and Related Research Fields

For full-time doctoral students on twelve-month research and teaching appointments in the sciences and related fields, the period between the fall and spring semesters, as well as the summer months, are considered to be active time of research, research training, and teaching preparation rather than holidays.

However, in any given academic year, such students are entitled to two weeks** beyond the eleven (Morningside Campus) or twelve (CUMC Campus) designated University/Federal holidays listed immediately below:

**A “week” is defined by the number of days in a given calendar week that students are expected to be available to discharge their responsibilities.

Time off during the designated University/Federal holidays listed above is non-negotiable. Doctoral students who plan to take time off at other times may do so only after coordinating with a) their advisor or PI when holding a research appointment; and/or b) the faculty instructor or lead course coordinator when holding a teaching appointment. This will ensure that the requested time off does not conflict with the responsibilities attendant to the research enterprise or the course.