Professional Development Workshops

The GSAS Office of Academic Diversity offers a variety of professional development programs and trainings to support both MA and PhD students in the Arts and Sciences.

Boot Camps

The GSAS Office of Academic Diversity hosts intensive, all-day Job Market Boot Camps for students pursuing both academic and non-academic career paths.

Academic Job Market Boot Camp:
The Job Market Boot Camp for Academic Positions will offer workshops on the teaching and research statements, and advice for developing engaging syllabi and using technology in the classroom. We encourage all graduate students who will seek academic positions this year to attend.

Non-Academic Job Market Boot Camp:
The Job Market Boot Camp for Non-Academic Positions will provide intensive guidance on transitioning into positions outside of traditional academia through workshops on a range of topics, including identifying transferrable skills and converting the CV to a resume.


Incoming Student Retreat:
The GSAS Office of Academic Diversity hosts retreats for incoming students, where we share advice for navigating your first year at Columbia University. Topics include time-management strategies, building mentor networks, and setting S.M.A.R.T. goals to help you succeed in your graduate program.

Diversity Statement Writing Workshop:
This workshop prepares students to write strong diversity statements for use in applications for professorial or postdoctoral positions.

Interview Preparation 

Mastering the Academic Interview:
GSAS Dean Carlos J. Alonso and Assistant Dean Isabel Geathers offer multiple workshops for graduate students about interviewing techniques. These workshops lead students through exercises and mock questions, helping them to craft thoughtful answers in the final rounds of the tenure-track or postdoctoral hiring process. On the first day, students practice answering questions on a range of topics, from their research agenda to their teaching objectives. The workshop’s primary goal is to help students become comfortable responding to questions that typically arise during the interview. On the second day, students will incorporate feedback to measure their progress.

Job Materials Portal

Students may now submit job documents and materials to the Office of Academic Diversity for review.  Students can email their materials to the Office of Academic Diversity at  gsas-diversity [at] We offer advice and comments on CVs, cover letters, research statements, and diversity statements; students should expect to receive written comments within three business days of initial submission.