Change of Department

A student who is currently registered in a program at the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences may apply for a change of program. Students may request a change:

  • from one PhD program to another PhD program
  • from a PhD program to a master's program
  • from one master's program to another master's program

Note: A change of program is not allowed from a master's program to a PhD program. To change to a program at another division or school of the university, a formal application for admission, rather than a request to change programs, must be submitted.

To apply for a change of program, the student must contact the program director or director of graduate studies of the new program and ask to be considered for admission. If the program agrees to consider the student, the program should contact the GSAS Office of Admissions for the student's application file. The student will be notified after his or her application has been reviewed and a decision has been reached. Approval for such requests is made solely at the discretion of the dean of the Graduate School and the faculty of the program to which the student is applying.

Change of program requests cannot be made within the first semester of enrollment.

Once the request to change programs is approved, students will be disenrolled from their original program and enrolled instead in the new one.

PhD fellows who wish to change to another PhD program should consult with the faculty of that program before formally applying. A PhD fellowship is not automatically transferred to the new program. The faculty of the new program is under no obligation to continue the fellowship from the original program.

If a PhD student changes to another PhD program within his or her first two years, the receiving program must use one admissions allocation for that student.