Departmental Placement Officers

Each department should designate someone for the role of departmental placement officer: seasoned faculty whose responsibility is to provide doctoral students with the knowledge, expertise, and materials that they will need in preparation for the academic job market.

Placement officers may:

  1. distribute templates appropriate to the discipline of curriculum vitae, cover letter, research statement, statement on teaching, dissertation abstract, etc., to all students preparing to send applications
  2. edit and proofread drafts of documents listed above before they are mailed by candidates
  3. ensure that letters of recommendation are produced and submitted by colleagues in a timely fashion
  4. review syllabi and other course materials to be submitted by candidates with application
  5. prepare candidates for mock interviews
  6. arrange for mock interviews of candidates with department faculty and peers
  7. prepare candidates for any on-campus interviews
  8. serve as a resource to interpret and negotiate offers received