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Please find below a list of pages frequently viewed by GSAS faculty and staff.

Key Contacts

Office of the Dean
109 Low Library, MC 4306
535 West 116th Street
New York, NY 10027
[email protected]
(212) 854-2861

Quick Links

Admissions Resources for Faculty and Staff

A number of resources are available for faculty and staff, from instructional videos on our online application system to a newsletter with helpful tips.

Forms for Faculty

Download degree applications and other forms intended to be completed by faculty members.

Directors of Graduate Studies

The director of graduate studies (DGS) is the liaison between the department and GSAS.

DGS Handbook

This guide is offered as a resource for answering questions about GSAS policies and services.

Executive Committee of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

ECGSAS is the deliberative body for all the research PhD and MA programs at Columbia.

Effective Practices for Faculty Mentors, Program Directors, and MA Advisees

See our suggestions for MA students and their faculty advisors.

Effective Practices and Expectations for Faculty Mentors and Doctoral Advisees

See our expectations for doctoral students and their faculty advisors.

Departmental Placement Officers

Each department should designate someone for the role of departmental placement officer.

Resources for Faculty

This Office of University Life webpage includes university-wide resources, contact information for school-based student affairs staff, and useful literature.

Important Resources for Faculty, Researchers, and Staff

This Office of University Life document provides instructions on how to address common concerns.

The Blue Folder

The Office of University Life provides resources for faculty to identify, address, and refer students in distress.

Leaves of Absence

A leave of absence allows students who must interrupt their studies for a compelling reason to be exempt from the Continuous Registration requirement.

Blue Seal Letters

Students who need to conduct research in libraries, archives, museums, or other such institutions may request letters of introduction, or "blue seal" letters.

Information for International Applicants

Read about the Graduate School's English proficiency requirement, and view resources for international students.

Information for Admitted International Students

The ISSO coordinates services for the international students, scholars, interns, and family members who come to Columbia.

OPT Status for GSAS Students

OPT (Optional Practical Training) is a benefit of F-1 student status that allows students to work off-campus in their field of study to gain practical experience. 


Withdrawal is the act of formally giving notice that one is leaving the university without intending to return at a future time.


Students should submit the Return from a Leave of Absence form six weeks before the start of the semester in which they wish to return.

Office of Work/Life

The Office of Work/Life fosters the well-being of the Columbia community and its people in their pursuit of meaningful and productive academic, personal, and work lives.