Program Category: PhD Programs
Chair: Johan de Jong
Director of Graduate Studies: Eric Urban
Degree Programs: Full-Time: PhD

The department offers an intensive PhD program for full-time students planning careers in research and university teaching. The MA degree is earned, as a matter of course, after completing two Residence Units and the written qualifying examination. After fulfilling the requirements for the MA degree in Mathematics, a graduate student takes a variety of advanced courses offered by the department and, in some cases, by certain related departments. The student also may participate in seminars related to his or her interests.

Doctoral students generally receive five years of full fellowship support and in return are required to participate in the teaching program for four years beginning in the second year of study.

Fellowships are awarded in recognition of academic achievement and in expectation of scholarly success. Teaching and research experience are considered an important aspect of the training of graduate students. Thus, graduate fellowships include some teaching and research apprenticeship.