Mellon Summer Funding for Independent Language Instructors

Through the generosity of the Mellon Foundation, GSAS doctoral students who teach independently in Columbia’s language departments during their first five years will receive an additional $2,000 in summer funding each year in which they do independent language teaching—typically sometime in years two through four—for a maximum of three summers during their first five years in the program.

Students who engage in independent language teaching will receive the $2,000 research supplement in the summer immediately following each year of independent teaching. If a student teaches only one semester independently in a given year, the summer award for that year will be $1,000.

Please note that to receive the Mellon supplementary stipend, a student must be the instructor of record for the course, and appear as such in the Directory of Classes.

This award is given in recognition that such students regularly spend more time in classroom instruction and assessment of student learning than regular teaching assistants. It acknowledges this extra instructional time during the academic year, and is meant to allow students to make progress toward the degree during the summer, a period in which they have no teaching responsibilities.