Philosophy, PhD

Program Category: PhD Programs
Chair: Christopher Peacocke
Director of Graduate Studies: Achille Varzi
Director of Admissions: Tamar Lando
Degree Programs: Full time: MA, MPhil, PhD

Home to a distinguished tradition of philosophical research and teaching, the Department of Philosophy provides a comprehensive academic atmosphere for pursuing advanced study in a wide range of philosophical subjects and methods—systematic, analytic, and historical. The department has a faculty with an unusually broad range of interests and areas of expertise that span the main periods of the history of western philosophy and nearly every major area of contemporary philosophical debate.

In the PhD program, the MA and MPhil degrees are earned sequentially. PhD candidates must be enrolled full time. All of our PhD students receive a comprehensive program of financial aid, including fellowships and appointments in teaching.

For further information concerning any of our graduate programs, please see the department's website or contact the director of graduate studies or the director of admissions. 

Certificate in Comparative Literature and Society

The Institute for Comparative Literature and Society (ICLS) awards a certificate in Comparative Literature and Society. For more information, see the ICLS website.

Application Requirements