Time-Off Policy for Doctoral Students on Research and Teaching Appointments

In doctoral study, the periods between semesters (fall to spring, spring to fall) are times of active research, research training, and teaching preparation, rather than considered holidays.

However, in any given academic year, student officers on twelve-month research or teaching appointments are entitled to 10 days of vacation time per year without loss of compensation. Student officers of instruction who hold a teaching appointment for two consecutive terms in an academic year (fall to spring) are entitled to 8 days of vacation without loss of compensation.

Student officers observe the University academic holiday schedule. Those who are required to work on a University academic holiday shall receive an alternate day off approved in advance by their supervisor. Student officers of research who plan to take time off at other times may do so only after coordinating with a) their advisor or PI. Student officers of instruction may take vacation during academic breaks or as otherwise mutually agreed to by the faculty instructor or lead course coordinator. This will ensure that the requested time off does not conflict with the responsibilities attendant to the research enterprise or teaching the course.

Student officers of instruction and research are entitled to 1 paid personal day per semester. The personal day must be approved in advance in the same manner as vacation time described above. In addition, personal days must be used during the semester in which they are earned.

*Some schools on the CUIMC campus follow the Morningside campus academic calendar. Students with questions should confirm the holiday schedule with their school's Office of Student Affairs.