Dissertations: April 20, 2020

February 20, 2020


Art History and Archaeology

  • Carlson, Raymond. Michelangelo between Florence and Rome: Art and literary culture in sixteenth-century Italy. Sponsor: Michael Cole.
  • Foner, Daria. Collaborative endeavors in the career of Andrea del Sarto. Sponsor: Michael Cole.
  • Kremnitzer, Kathryn. Manet's watercolors: Transition and translation in the 1860s. Sponsor: Anne Higonnet.

Biological Sciences

  • Lovas, Jonathan. Hierarchical modularity in the reassembly of Hydra's nervous system. Sponsor: Rafael Yuste.

Biomedical Informatics

  • Feller, Daniel. Using computational methods to support the clinical management of chronic disease populations. Sponsors: Noemie Elhadad and Olena Mamykina.
  • Levy-Fix, Gal. Patient record summarization through join phenotype learning and interactive visualization. Sponsor: Noemie Elhadad.


  • Liu, Shi. Harm in harmony: A socioecological perspective on east Asian collectivism. Sponsor: Michael Morris.
  • Oh, Tae Seokk. The psychology of fun: A liberating engagement theory of consumer fun. Sponsor: Michel Pham.

Cellular, Molecular, and Biomedical Studies

  • Levitin, Hanna. Biological inference from single cell transcriptomics. Sponsor: Peter Sims.

Chemical Engineering

  • Tsui, William. Simulating aqueous secondary organic aerosol formation and cloudwater chemistry in gas-aerosol model for mechanism analysis. Sponsor: Vivian McNeill.

Chemical Physics

  • Schlaus, Andrew. Dynamics of light-matter coupling in lead halide pervoskites. Sponsor: Xiaoyang Zhu.


  • Rudoni, Elia. Speech disorders. The speaking subject and language in Neronian court literature. Sponsor: Gareth Williams.


  • Nechushtai, Efrat. Building trust in the news: U.S. and German journalists respond to political polarization. Sponsor: Michael Schudson.

Computer Science

  • Hidey, Christopher. Content selection for effective counter-argument generation. Sponsor: Kathleen McKeown.
  • Xu, Ji. Global analysis for non-convex optimization problems: A geometric approach to dynamical systems. Sponsor: Daniel Hsu.

Earth and Environmental Engineering

  • Parlia, Sean. Ion pair conductivity theory and its application for predicting conductivity in non-polar systems. Sponsor: Ponisseril Somasundaran.

Earth and Environmental Sciences

  • Ridge, Sean. Effects of ocean circulation on ocean anthropogenic carbon uptake. Sponsor: Galen McKinley.

Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Biology

  • Heilpern, Sebastian. Integrating food webs and food security: Freshwater biodiversity loss and fisheries contribution to human nutrition. Sponsor: Shahid Naeem.


  • Alfaro Serrano, David. Essays on firms in developing countries. Sponsors: Jonas Hjort and Eric Verhoogen.
  • Cheng, Yi. Essays in applied microeconomics. Sponsor: Douglas Almond.
  • Chi, Chun-Che. Essays on macroeconomics. Sponsor: Andres Drenik.
  • Feng, Junlong. Essays in econometrics. Sponsors: Jushan Bai and Simon Lee.
  • Friedman, Evan. Stochasticity in games: Theory and experiment. Sponsor: Alessandra Casella.
  • Li, Mai. Essays in international finance. Sponsors: Jesse Schreger and Martin Uribe.
  • Moncasi-Gutierrez, Xavier. Essays on health economics. Sponsor: Douglas Almond.
  • Oh, Suanna. Essays in behavioral development economics. Sponsors: Jonas Hjort and Eric Verhoogen.
  • Shin, Wonmun. Essays on housing and macroeconomics. Sponsor: Stephanie Schmitt-Grohé.

Electrical Engineering

  • Psychas, Konstantinos. Scalable scheduling policies with performance guarantees for cloud applications. Sponsor: Javad Ghaderi Dehkordi.

English and Comparative Literature

  • Pawel, Rebecca. "Native, Yet Foreign": Spain in the African American imagination. Sponsors: Brent Edwards and Farah Griffin.


  • Teran, Richard. Examining HIV viral load and longitudinal assessments of viral suppression of individuals living with HIV in Washington, District of Columbia. Sponsor: Mary Chiasson.

Genetics and Development

  • Pantalia, Meghan. The role of circadian-regulated genes in Drosophila behavior. Sponsor: Michele Shirasu-Hiza.


  • Koeth, Stephen. The suburban church: Catholic parishes and politics in metropolitan New York, 1945-1985. Sponsor: Ira Katznelson.
  • Serby, Benjamin. Gay liberation and the politics of the self in postwar America. Sponsor: Casey Blake.


  • Danilenko, Ivan. Quantum cohomology of slices of the Affine Grassmannian. Sponsor: Andrei Okounkov.
  • Hayward, Laura. Polygenic adaptation after a sudden change in the environment. Sponsors: Ioannis Karatzas and Guy Sella.
  • Li, Zhi. Arbitrage theory under portfolio constraints. Sponsor: Ioannis Karatzas.

Mechanical Engineering

  • Zimmerman, Brandon. Experimental, theoretical, and computational models of mechanically-mediated fatigue failure in articular cartilage. Sponsor: Gerard Ateshian.

Middle Eastern, South Asian, and African Studies

  • Ansari, Mohammad Sadegh. Pythagoras in Baghdad: Safi al-Din al-Urmawi and the science of music in the medieval Islamic world. Sponsor: George Saliba.


  • Glasenapp, Brian. To pray without ceasing: A diachronic history of Cistercian chant in the Beaupré antiphoner (Baltimore, Walters Art Museum, W. 759-762). Sponsor: Susan Boynton.

Political Science

  • Bhandari, Abhit. Political property rights: Essays on economic opportunity under selective rule of law. Sponsor: Macartan Humphreys.
  • Rivera-Burgos, Viviana. Essays in minority politics and representation in the U.S. Sponsor: Robert Shapiro.
  • York, Erin. Democratic institutions under autocracy. Sponsor: Daniel Corstange.

Social Work

  • Doran, Elizabeth. Childcare (in)stability and household (in)stability among low-income families. Sponsor: Jane Waldfogel.
  • Kimberly, Laura. Older adult kidney transplant recipients: The lived experience of adaptation and integration. Sponsor: Ellen Lukens.


  • Dieng, Adji Bousso. Deep probabilistic graphical modeling. Sponsor: David Blei.
  • Huang, Sihan. Two contributions to community detection in social network. Sponsor: Zhiliang Ying.

TC / Applied Behavior Analysis

  • Abdool-Ghany, Faheema. Degrees of bidirectional naming are related to derived listener and speaker responses. Sponsor: Daniel Fienup.

TC / Behavioral Disorders

  • Leaman, Marion. Test-retest reliability of micro and macro linguistic measures in people with Aphasia and healthy adults during conversation and narrative discourse. Sponsor: Lisa Edmonds.

TC / Cognitive Science in Education

  • Al Alamy, Lujain. The effect of cognitive and personality traits on decision behavior in the sampling paradigm. Sponsor: James Corter.

TC / Comparative and International Education

  • Baek, Chanwoong. Knowledge utilization in education policy making in the United States, South Korea, and Norway: A bibliometric network analysis of actors, contents, and processes. Sponsor: Gita Steiner-Khamsi.
  • Caumont Stipanicic, Lucia. The myriad meanings of inclusion: Teachers' path to inclusive education for migrant students in Uruguay's early childhood and primary education public. Sponsor: Regina Cortina.

TC / Counseling Psychology

  • Cox, Robert. Unique and collective impact of interpersonal and structural stigma: Minority stress mediation framework with Latinxs. Sponsor: Brandon Velez.

TC / Economics and Education

  • Bennett Colomer, Magdalena. Three essays on causal inference for observational studies. Sponsor: Peter Bergman.

TC / English Education

  • Nagrotsky, Kathryn. Exploring teacher resistance to scripted writing curricula in a new graduate school of education. Sponsor: Yolanda Sealey-Ruiz.
  • Paolucci, Lisa. From narrated "pathways" to pastiche: Complexities in interpreting and representing conversations with Italian American teachers. Sponsor: Janet Miller.
  • Rejan, Andrew. Re-opening close reading: Literature education and literary experience. Sponsor: Sheridan Blau.

TC / Physical Disabilities

  • Nicolarakis, Onudeah. An examination of the writing strategies used by deaf and hearing adults: Similarities and differences in cognitive, linguistic and conventional components. Sponsor: Ye Wang.
  • Rosenzweig, Elizabeth. Adverse childhood experiences, parental self-efficacy, and language outcomes for children with hearing loss. Sponsor: Ye Wang.

TC / Politics and Education

Lyon, Melissa. Bounded unions: How restrictive labor policies affect teachers, students, and progressive politics. Sponsor: Jeffrey Henig.

TC / Science Education

  • Heydari, Roya. The impact of informal science education on students' science identity and understanding of science inquiry. Sponsor: Felicia Moore Mensah.
  • Lee, Min Jung. Chemistry teachers' pedagogical content: Knowledge and belief on integrating proportional reasoning in teaching stoichiometry. Sponsor: O. Roger Anderson.

TC / Sociology and Education

  • Daruwala, Iris. Cross-sector collaboration in education: Comparative case studies of organizational death and persistence. Sponsor: Carolyn Riehl.



  • Van Geel, Lien. Augustus' sister: Octavia Minor's lives and afterlives.

Earth and Environmental Sciences

  • Martinez, Carlos. Seasonal climatology, variability, and predictability of rainfall in the Caribbean.
  • Towbin, William. Volcanic transport of Peridotite Xenoliths to the surface: A story of hydration, dehydration and melting.


  • Aridor, Guy. Essays on the digital economy.
  • Husted, Lucas. Essays in public finance and labor.
  • Iyer, Vinayak. Essays in IO and urban economics.
  • Liu, Ou. Three essays on inequality and the financial market.
  • Mai, Tam. Essays in labor economics and education economics.
  • Shi, Mengdi. Essays in public and health economics.
  • Zhu, Yining. Essays on environmental pollution.

Political Science

  • Jaiteh, Salif. Memo: The puzzle of collective remittances.