Dissertations: December 6, 2021

December 06, 2021


Applied Physics

  • Kim, Bok Young. Nonsolitonic Kerr Combs. Sponsor: Alexander Gaeta.

Biomedical Engineering

  • Liu, Xueqing. Fusing simultaneously acquired EEG-fMRI using deep learning. Sponsor: Paul Sajda.

Biomedical Informatics

  • Rogers, James. Using real-world data to enhance clinical trials. Sponsor: Chunhua Weng.

Cellular, Molecular, and Biomedical Studies

  • Wu, Felix. Scouring genomes and evolutionary trees for the causes of germline mutation. Sponsor: Molly Przeworski.

Industrial Engineering

  • Zhang, Xinyu. Optimization under uncertainty with applications in data-driven stochastic simulation and extremes. Sponsor: Henry Lam.


  • Ford, Mike. An agile musicology: Improvisation in corporate management and lean startups. Sponsor: George Lewis.

Pathobiology and Molecular Medicine

  • Shahriar, Sanjid. Identifying the origin and mechanisms of pathological angiogenesis in neuroinflammatory diseases. Sponsor: Dritan Agalliu.

Pharmacology and Molecular Signaling

  • Zeric, Tamara. Peri-adolescent monoamine interference alters behavioral response to cocaine and associated dopamine dynamics in adulthood. Sponsor: Mark Ansorge.

TC / Science Education

  • Riley, Alexis. Lifting as we climb. Sponsor: Felicia Moore Mensah.

TC / Social-Organizational Psychology

  • Lace, Aimee. When the leader leaves: Building and maintaining interorganizational social capital in international affairs. Sponsor: William Pasmore.



  • Saqfalhait, Yara. Tools of trade: Architecture, technical knowledge and capital in the Ottoman Empire 1830s - 1880s.

Biomedical Engineering

  • Kemper, Paul. High frame-rate pulse wave imaging for non-invasive characterization of arterial stiffness in vivo.
  • Vincent, Rosa. Probiotically guided CAR-T cell therapy for solid tumors.

English and Comparative Literature

  • MacVarish, Conor. They trembled and were changed: Weird fiction and the affect of form, 1880-1937.


  • Bostock, Sahar. Grounding colonization: Ottoman, British, and Zionist development in the desert of southern Palestine, 1830-1950.


  • South, Katherine. Expectations and outcomes of healthcare transition in adolescents and young adults with Cystic Fibrosis.


  • Jo, Andrea. The representation of the 'self' in contemporary transnational Korea.