Dissertations: February 8, 2021

February 08, 2021


Biomedical Engineering

  • Yuan, Jiayao. Dynamic modeling and system ID of the respiratory system. Sponsor: Nicolas Chbat.

Chemical Engineering

  • Song, Ruobing. Spot-beam annealing of thin silicon films on silicon dioxide. Sponsor: James Im.

Computer Science

  • Yuan, Jie. Beyond summary statistics: Extracting etiological insights from genome-wide association cohorts. Sponsor: David Knowles.
  • Zareian, Alireza. Learning structured representations for understanding visual and multimedia data. Sponsor: Shih-Fu Chang.

Earth and Environmental Engineering

  • Atia, Adam. Technical and economic modeling for sustainable desalination: Renewable-powered, adaptive reverse osmosis desalination with load flexibility and pathways to zero liquid discharge. Sponsor: Vasilis Fthenakis.

Earth and Environmental Sciences

  • Boghosian, Alexandra. Ice shelf stability: New insights into rivers and estuaries using remote sensing and advanced visualization. Sponsor: Robin Bell.
  • Tian, Xiaochuan. Structural and climatic effects of large-scale basaltic magmatism: Constraints and insights from geodynamic models. Sponsor: W. Buck.


  • Weiner, Scott. Essays on development economics. Sponsors: Suresh Naidu and Eric Verhoogen.

Electrical Engineering

  • McLean, James. Multidimensional data processing for optical coherence tomography imaging. Sponsor: Christine Hendon.

English and Comparative Literature

  • Glovinsky, Will. Unfeeling empire: The realist novel in imperial Britain. Sponsor: Nicholas Dames.

Mechanical Engineering

  • Chen, Tianjian. On the interplay between mechanical and computational intelligence in robot hands. Sponsor: Matei Ciocarlie.
  • Haas-Heger, Maximilian. Grasp stability analysis with passive reactions. Sponsor: Matei Ciocarlie.


  • Zhang, Yun. The cryogenic infrastructure of the XENON1T dark matter experiment: From design to performance during the one ton-year WIMP search. Sponsor: Elena Aprile.


Biomedical Engineering

  • Thakoor, Kaveri. Robust and interpretable deep learning systems for detection of ophthalmic disease.

Computer Science

  • Bernstein, Ryan. Semantic transformations of probabilistic programs.

Mechanical Engineering

  • Hidayah, Rand. Modular exoskeleton architectures for assistance of functional rehabilitative movements.


  • Shahmehri, Demetrius. Romanticism's children: Childhood and role-play from Schumann to Final Fantasy VII.


  • Branscum, Olivia. Recovering matter's 'most noble attribute': Margaret Cavendish, Anne Conway, and neutral monist solutions to the mind-body problem.

Political Science

  • LaBelle, James. Democracy in redistricting and gerrymandering: A critical analysis.