Dissertations: January 25, 2021

January 25, 2021


Biological Sciences

  • Tsai, Yueh-Lin. Function and regulation of ALS/FTD-linked RNA binding protein FUS. Sponsor: James Manley.

Biomedical Engineering

  • Yuan, Dennis. Mechanical regulation of T cell activation. Sponsor: Lance C. Kam.


  • Liu, Yutao. Topics in Bayesian design and analysis for sampling. Sponsor: Qixuan Chen.

Chemical Engineering

  • Vardner, Jonathan. Exploring the reductive pathway for the hydrometallurgical production of copper from chalcopyrite. Sponsor: Scott Banta.


  • Thompson, David. Essays in regulatory design. Sponsor: Andrea Prat.

Electrical Engineering

  • Choi, Jaebin. Implantable fluorescence imager for deep neuronal imaging. Sponsor: Kenneth Shepard.
  • Rabinowitz, Jake. Physics and applications of nanoscale fluid flows. Sponsor: Kenneth Shepard.

Environmental Health Sciences

  • Kalia, Vrinda. Metabolic evaluation of genetic and environmental contributors of Alzheimer's disease. Sponsor: Gary Miller.


Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics

  • Artz, Timothy. Modeling lifetime performance of ceramic matrix composites with reduced order homogenization multiscale methods.
  • Leung, Ryan. Novel computer vision-based non-contact vehicle weigh-in-motion system.

Computer Science

  • Correa, Juan. On the foundations of causal inference and the data fusion problem.
  • Giri, Davide. Agile design and integration of accelerators in heterogeneous SoC architectures.
  • Karamanolakis, Ioannis. Weakly-supervised neural networks for text mining and public health.