Dissertations: March 23, 2020

March 23, 2020



  • Lagos, Lorenzo. Three essays on firms and institutions in developing countries. Sponsor: Suresh Naidu.

Neurobiology and Behavior

  • Batty, Eleanor. Nonlinear approaches for neural encoding and decoding. Sponsor: Liam Paninski.
  • Vaadia, Rebecca. Development and function of proprioceptive and touch-sensing dendrite territories in Drosophila larvae. Sponsor: Wesley Grueber.

Operations Research

  • Powers, Vladlena. Discrete optimization problems in popular matchings and scheduling. Sponsor: Yuri Faenza.


  • Lee, Jin Hyung. Spike sorting for large scale multi-electrode array recordings in primate retina. Sponsor: Liam Paninski.

TC / English Education

  • Esdaille, Elroy. The notion of song, identities, discourses, and power: Bridging songs with literary texts to enhance students' interpretative skills. Sponsor: Ruth Vinz.

TC / Philosophy and Education

  • Buck, Brandon. White schools, white ignorance: Towards a racially responsive pedagogy. Sponsor: Megan Laverty.


Applied Mathematics

  • Lee, Hwi. Applications of nonlocal models in studies of smoothed particle hydrodynamics-like meshless methods.

Art History and Archaeology

  • Le Pouésard, Emma. Early Christian, Byzantine, and western medieval art.

Biomedical Informatics

  • Kitaygorodsky, Alexander. Prediction of genetic effect of noncoding variants.

East Asian Languages and Cultures

  • Choi, Hyoseak. Literature's children: Literary culture and the question of modern childhood in Japan 1870s to 1950s.

Germanic Languages

  • Preston, Thomas. Post-teleological aesthetics and affect in German literature and film.


  • Kleiser, Randal Grant. An empire of free ports: Trade, reform, and revolution in the Atlantic world, 1750-1781