Dissertations: May 18, 2020

May 18, 2020


Applied Mathematics

  • Martin, Zane. The interaction of the Madden-Julian oscillation and the quasi-biennial oscillation in a hierarchy of models. Sponsor: Adam Sobel.

Applied Physics

  • Chen, Shaowen. Transport measurements of correlated states in Graphene flat band. Sponsor: Cory Dean.

Biomedical Engineering

  • Mosher, Christopher. Interface scaffold design principles for integrative cartilage regeneration. Sponsor: Helen Lu.
  • Tu, Tao. Machine learning methods for fusion and inference of simultaneous EEG and fMRI. Sponsor: Paul Sajda.

Biomedical Informatics

  • Averitt, Amelia. Machine learning methods for casual inference with observational data. Sponsor: Adler Perotte.

Chemical Engineering

  • Dou, Yong. Colloidal robotics: Autonomous propulsion and navigation of active particles. Sponsor: Sanat Kumar.


  • Ravetz, Benjamin. Harnessing photophysical processes to improve photoredox catalysis. Sponsor: Tomislav Rovis.
  • Xiong, Hanqing. Stimulated Raman excited fluorescence spectroscopy and microscopy. Sponsor: Wei Min.
  • Yablon, Lauren. Controlling singlet fission in pendent acene polymers. Sponsor: Luis Campos.

Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics

  • Alrassy, Patrick. Map data integration technique with large-scale fleet telematics data as road-safety surrogate measures in the New York metropolitan area. Sponsor: Andrew Smyth.


  • Combatti, Maria. Somatic landscapes: Affects, percepts, and materialities in Euripides' select tragedies. Sponsor: Nancy Worman.

Electrical Engineering

  • Arnold, Todd. Understanding cloud network performance. Sponsor: Ethan Katz-Bassett.
  • Gutterman, Craig. Learning for wireless and optical network control. Sponsor: Gil Zussman.

Genetics and Development

  • van Soldt, Benjamin. Proximal-distal patterning of the lung: Molecular determinants in lung development and evolution. Sponsor: Wellington Cardoso.


  • Sarwate, Rahul. Reimagining the modern Hindu self: Caste, untouchability and Hindu theology in colonial South Asia, 1899-1948. Sponsor: Manan Ahmed.

Latin American and Iberian Cultures

  • Quintero Mächler, Alejandro. Bleeding nations: Blood discourses and the interpretation of violence in mid-nineteenth century Spanish America (1838-1870). Sponsor: Graciela Montaldo.


  • Kravets, Oleksandr. Homotopy coherent actions on A-infinity categories. Sponsor: Mohammed Abouzaid.

Microbiology, Immunology, and Infection

  • Berger, Julian. Bone and the physiology of danger. Sponsor: Gerard Karsenty.

Middle Eastern, South Asian, and African Studies

  • Shmookler, Max. The maqama before the Levantine Nahda and beyond the novel, 1770's-1850's. Sponsor: Gil Anidjar.


  • García Molina, Andrés. Aural economies and precarious labor: Street-vendor songs in Cuba. Sponsor: Aaron Fox.

Neurobiology and Behavior

  • Birdsall, Veronica. Neuronal activity enhances the axonal motility of ESCRT-0 endosomes to facilitate synaptic vesicle protein turnover. Sponsor: Clarissa Waites.


  • Tu, Xiao. Measurement of long-range correlations in small systems with ATLAS detector. Sponsor: Brian Cole.

Political Science

  • Soboleva, Irina. Efficacy, openness, ingenuousness: Micro-foundations of democratic engagement. Sponsor: Donald Green.

Social Work

  • Kim, Soohyun. The effects of paid leave policies on work and elder care. Sponsor: Jane Waldfogel.


  • Brown, Bailey. Kinder panic: Parent decision-making, school choice, and neighborhood life. Sponsor: Thomas DiPrete.


  • Fang, Guanhua. Latent variable models in educational assessment: Theory and application. Sponsor: Zhiliang Ying.
  • Ling, Hok Kan. Statistical analysis of complex data in survival and event history analysis. Sponsor: Zhiliang Ying.

TC / Anthropology and Education

  • Burnside, Bruce. Inclusive national belonging - Intercultural performances in the "World-Open" Germany. Sponsor: Katherine Ewing.

TC / Cognitive Science in Education

  • Mao, Yaoli. Making the implicit explicit: The effects of summarizing knowledge on behavior in repeated decisions from experience. Sponsor: James Corter.

TC / Economics and Education

  • Allende Santa Cruz, Claudia. Essays in the industrial organization of education markets. Sponsor: Peter Bergman.
  • Wen, Qiao. Three essays on the college expansion in China. Sponsor: Judith Scott-Clayton.

TC / English Education

  • Aboali, Nora. A banned identity: Interviews with Muslim urban high school students. Sponsor: Janet Miller.

TC / School Psychology

  • Kangas Dick, Kayleigh. Elevated attention problems and observed parenting in a sample of preschoolers with ASD. Sponsor: Marla Brassard.

TC / Science Education

  • Parker, Jamie. The use of battle rap as a way to engage students in STEM. Sponsor: Christopher Emdin.

TC / Teaching of Social Studies

  • Kim, Yeji. Troubling and re-imagining citizenship: Narrative inquiries into immigrant teachers’ positionalities and citizenship education. Sponsor: Sandra Schmidt.



  • Liberatore, Benjamin. 'World without end': Imagining national continuity, loss, and break in the voices of England's choristers.
  • Tynes, Brendane. "I can't die. I won't.": Fear and the reimagination of the (after) lives of Black women and girls.

Applied Mathematics

  • Huang, Kuang. Traffic flow modeling in a nonlocal world.

Applied Physics

  • Tao, Songsheng. Solving nano-structures on the surface using x-ray pair distribution function.


  • Phan, Minh. Consumer response to reduced processing costs: Evidence from truth in lending laws.

Chemical Engineering

  • Maeng, Do Young. Hydrolysis reactions of man-made esters on indoor surfaces.
  • Vainstein, Salomon. Engineering protein activity with non-canonical cofactors.
  • Willett, Emma. Membrane-less ATP regeneration enzyme cascade using a reversible NAD kinase and NADH oxidation.

Earth and Environmental Sciences

  • Oryan, Bar. Deviation from the standard subduction earthquake cycle model and its effect on upper plate deformation.
  • Zhou, Yuxin. Episodic deposition and glacial instability during the last glacial cycle in the North Atlantic.

Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Biology

  • Bruner, Sarah. Biodiversity and stability of ecosystem functioning: The portfolio effect in forests.


  • Koh, Paul. Essays on game theory and econometrics.
  • Romero Fonseca, Dario Alberto. Trade & innovation: The effect of TNO trade shocks on early textile innovation in Spain.
  • Rosenkranz, David. Essays on the economics of health care markets.
  • Sung, Yeji. Macroeconomic applications of a limited human memory.


  • Hawk, Emily. American concert dance at midcentury: Processes and products of embodied thought, 1964-1976.
  • Jakubczak-Gabay, Aleksandra. "Protecting the Jewish daughters:" Sex work, mobility, and belonging between the 1870s and 1939.
  • Shah, Rohan. A world to win: Contested visions of globalization during the 1970s US economic crisis.

Latin American and Iberian Cultures

  • Blanco, Elvira. Imaginaries of the common in contemporary Venezuela.

Mechanical Engineering

  • Chang, Biing-Chwen. Study of stairmill ascent with tethered pelvis assist device.
  • Conlon, Terence. The effects of latent demand on electricity system planning.
  • Fobi Nsutezo, Sally Simone. The impact of residential electricity demand prediction & uncertainty in demand prediction models on electricity access planning.

Middle Eastern, South Asian, and African Studies

  • Radwan, Basma. The politics of eating well.

Political Science

  • Feldman, Nathan. A liberal science: The Chicago style and the formation of contemporary American political science.
  • Paci, Simone. Civilization at a discount tax compliance, state capacity, and the political economy of redistribution.

Slavic Languages

  • Wilson, Elaine. Communist exodus: A Jewish reading of time in the shape and substance of early Soviet Russian and Yiddish narratives.