Dissertations: May 2, 2022

May 02, 2022


Tarnowski, Jan. Struggling with images: Revolution, war, and media in Syria. Sponsor: Nadia Abu El-Haj.

James, Jesse. Greek international law: Networks, socialization, and compliance. Sponsor: John Ma.

Earth and Environmental Engineering
Alkhani, Anas. Catalytic dry reforming of methane: Paving the road to a carbon neutral industrial scale blue hydrogen production process technology via monolithic catalyst-based reformer bolstered by a techno-economic assessment. Sponsor: Robert Farrauto.

Earth and Environmental Sciences
Stubblefield, Aaron. Modelling the dynamics and surface expressions of subglacial water flow. Sponsor: Marc Spiegelman.

Weiss, Thomas. Investigating climate variability over the last four glacial cycles using surface and thermocline dwelling foraminifera from the Sulu Sea in the far Western Pacific. Sponsor: Braddock Linsley.

Yu, Congyu. Fossil, data, and information driven paleontology. Sponsor: Jin Meng.

Zhu, Yining. Essays in applied environmental economics. Sponsor: Douglas Almond.

Electrical Engineering
Shim, Euijae. Integrated photonics for chip-scale mid-IR sources and strain modulation of two-dimensional materials. Sponsor: Michal Lipson.

Xia, Stephen. Selective audio filtering for enabling acoustic intelligence in mobile, embedded, and cyber-physical systems. Sponsor: Xiaofan Jiang.

Zhu, Ziyi. High performance silicon photonic interconnected systems. Sponsor: Keren Bergman.

Atanasov, Stanislav. Derived Hecke operators on unitary Shimura varieties. Sponsor: Michael Harris.

Mechanical Engineering
Zhang, Zhixing. Impedance-based affinity micro and nanosensors for continuous glucose monitoring. Sponsor: Qiao Lin.

Music (DMA)
Hansen Atria, Vicente. Contrafactual archaeology: A Model for trans-idiomatic musical research in En Tornasol, Galliard, and Bootstrap Bernie. Sponsor: George Lewis.

Ancheta, April. The impacts of school climate and education policy on weight and victimization disparities among sexual minority adolescents. Sponsor: Tonda Hughes.

Bittermann, Noah. Bootstrapping from a boundary point of view. Sponsor: Rachel Rosen.

Xu, Yuanzhe. Inference in discrete graphical models. Sponsor: Sumit Mukherjee.

Sustainable Development
Taylor, Charles. Essays on land use and agriculture. Sponsor: Wolfram Schlenker.



Chakrabarti, Antara. Fixing the environment: Fact-making in the shifting land-waterscapes of Bengal.

Rhoden, Chazelle. Afro-religious animations: Spirit, space & climate change conservation in Brazil.

Byrne, Ultan. Circuits of power: 19th century U.S. federal architectural networks.

Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics
Zhao, Haokai. Towards a more sustainable urban future: Collaborative efforts from planning, management and adaptation.

Computer Science
Janak, Jan. Services and protocols for large-scale autonomic networked cyber-physical systems.

Roellke, Dennis. Detection, triage, and attribution of PII phishing campaigns.

East Asian Languages and Cultures
Kim, Iris. Intimate ties to North Korea: Transnational networks of separated families of the Korean diaspora (1945-2000).

Zhao, Jiemin. Making Yuan drama our own: Zaju on the Ming (1368-1644) imperial stage.

Operations Research
Jia, Ruizhe. Blockchain, decentralized finance and asset tokenization.

Kumar, Rachitesh. Resource allocation in online ad functions: Equilibria, tractability and robustness.

Le Flem, Luc. Topics in large-scale limits of interacting systems: Games with common noise, quantitative propagation of chaos and networks.

Yeung, Lane Chun. Essays in transport inequalities, entropic gradient flows and nonlinear large deviations.

Political Science
Rahmani, Bardia. Media capture and political persuasion in Africa.

Tekbulut, Ece. Navigating the risk society: A defense of party politics.

Xiao, Jenny. A look inside: How firms reveal state capabilities and intentions.

Yoon, Heewon. Three essays on electoral rules.

Ittner, Timothy. Courts and incarceration: Three papers on U.S. jail trends.