Dissertations: November 16, 2020

November 16, 2020


Biomedical Engineering

  • Chen, David. Regenerative engineering of the temporomandibular joint in a porcine model. Sponsor: Gordana Vunjak-Novakovic.

Cellular, Molecular, and Biomedical Studies

  • Chen, Siying. Integration of functional genomic data in genetic analysis. Sponsor: Yufeng Shen.

English and Comparative Literature

  • Saretto, Gianmarco. Consuming the word: Figures of vernacular translation in late medieval devotional literature. Sponsor: Eleanor Johnson.

Neurobiology and Behavior

  • Lee, Melissa. Glia in development and disorder. Sponsor: Carol Mason.

Political Science

  • Mueser, Benjamin. Negotiating territorial sovereignty: Pufendorf to Vattel. Sponsor: Nadia Urbinati.

TC / Politics and Education

  • Cornman, Stephen. Do equity and adequacy court decisions and policies make a difference for at-risk students? Longitudinal evidence from New Jersey. Sponsor: Jeffrey Henig.


Art History and Archaeology

  • Jiang, Chen. Repainting the past: Kikuchi Yōsai's (1788-1878) visualization of history.

Biomedical Engineering

  • Duffy, Michael. The osteocyte primary cilium regulates cytoskeletal and tissue adaptation as a calcium-dependent cAMP signaling nexus.

Computer Science

  • Xiao, Chang. Enabling common interactions through hidden channels

English and Comparative Literature

  • DaCosta, Gabrielle. A Trinitarian theory of "Love' in Augustine's Civitate Dei.
  • Dzyak, Katrina. On the origin of origins: Natural history, indigenous geographies, and new world narrative.
  • Florin-Sefton, Mia. A body on the verge of collapse: Life, sex & degeneration 1900-2020.
  • Gainey, Evyan. The glass of fashion: The popularization of disability on the English Renaissance stage.
  • Joyner, Alec. Going to pieces: The laughter of the other in US novels of the 1930s.

Mechanical Engineering

  • Ismail, Ayman. Higher order repetitive control for external signals with uncertain periods.
  • Zhang, Tianyi. Examination of bandwidth enhancement and circulant filter frequency cutoff robustification in iterative learning control.


  • Hedgecock, Sarah. Back to the future: Nostalgia and transformation in evangelical girlhood.