Dissertations: October 31, 2022

December 31, 2022


Applied Physics
Ungar, Yocheved. Bacterial spore-based humidity responsive textiles. Advisors: Ozgur Sahin and Shalom Wind.

Biological Sciences
Helmer, Paige. The role of Kinesins in cell fate determination during neurogenesis. Advisor: Richard Vallee.

Biomedical Engineering
Aurup, Christian. Ultrasound techniques for neuromodulation and functional imaging in the Central Nervous System. Advisor: Elisa Konofagou.

Lapborisuth, Pawan. Brain dynamics of attention reorienting in naturalistic paradigms. Advisor: Paul Sajda.

Chemical Engineering
Sivaram, Abhishek. Machine learning framework for causal modeling for process fault diagnosis and mechanistic explanation generation. Advisor: Venkat Venkatasubramanian.

Computer Science
Effland, Thomas. Towards annotation-efficiency in biased learning settings for natural language processing. Advisor: Kathleen McKeown.

Lin, Chengyu. Ring-LWE: Enhanced foundations and applications. Advisor: Tal Malkin.

Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Biology

Jensen, Johanna. The environmental drivers of white spruce growth and regeneration at Arctic treeline in a changing climate. Advisor: Kevin Griffin.

Ramesh, Vijay. Environmental drivers of bird species occupancy in a tropical biodiversity hotspot. Advisor: Ruth DeFries.

English and Comparative Literature
Larson-Xu, Martin. Appropriating genealogy: Artist texts in the 21st century. Advisor: Brent Edwards.

Garofalo, Diana. Understanding the role of ovulations on Ovarian Cancer risk across the spectrum of risk. Advisor: Jeanine Genkinger.

Genetics and Development
Wang, Wanqi. Deciphering axon dysfunction in the pathogenesis of ARHGEF9 epileptic encephalopathy. Advisor: Wayne Frankel.

Latin American and Iberian Cultures
Lavin, Analía. El llamado de la naturaleza: Cultura científica, espiritualidad y secularismo en el movimiento naturista uruguayo de principios del siglo XX. Advisor: Ronald Briggs.

Jing, Ran. Cryogenic near-field nanoscopy at terahertz frequency. Advisor: Dmitri Basov.

TC / English Education
Richard, Sarah. A rooted sorrow: (W)Ri(gh)ting the rhizomes and ruptures. Advisor: Ruth Vinz.


Dessauvage, Maur. Germany's Rome: Historicism in architecture and law, 1815-1848.

Biomedical Engineering
Wang, Fay. Deep learning models for diffuse optical tomography.

Sharp, Lucy. A history of au-pairs in twentieth-century Britain.

Tomasson, Julia. Proof, certainty, and the authority of mathematics across Europe and the Islamicate world (1400-1700 CE).

Mechanical Engineering
Petersen, Courtney. Investigations of articular cartilage structure-function relationships and a novel technique for conforming patellar osteochondral allografts.

Political Science
Fan, Yujing. Gender norm obfuscation in authoritarian regimes.

Lee, Da In. Mobilizing ethnic minorities to run for office: Field experiment.