MA Research Matching Funds

GSAS may provide matching funds of up to $300 if an MA student receives funding from the MA program to conduct research for the final thesis or project. Research may be conducted during the academic year or the summer. To be eligible, the student must be in a free-standing MA program in the Arts & Sciences and in good academic and administrative standing.

Application Process

  • Students should submit the following materials to their MA program: an application form, a research proposal for the final thesis or project (with timetable), and a proposed budget.
  • The director of graduate studies or MA program director will evaluate the merit of the proposal, indicate the amount of funding the program is willing to provide, and forward the approved application to GSAS ([email protected]) to request matching funds.
  • GSAS will consider applications in the order they are received, until GSAS funds for that academic year and following summer are exhausted or the final application deadline of May 1 is reached (whichever occurs earlier).

The GSAS matching award is not guaranteed, and MA students are limited to one award during their time at Columbia. The matching award, if approved, will be disbursed as a stipend.