Alumni Profile: Ana Corbacho (’01PhD, Economics)

January 04, 2020
Ana Corbacho

What is your current role/job title?
Chief of Strategy Unit at International Monetary Fund (IMF).

What are you working on now?
I am responsible for strategic planning, the G20 and International Monetary and Financial Committee agenda, and analytical work on the international monetary system. I am currently leading research projects on the implications of technology for reserve currency configurations and on global systemic crisis. I am also a member of the IMF Publications Committee.

What drew you to your field?
I grew up in an emerging market country and saw firsthand the devastating consequences of economic rollercoasters. I chose to study economics hoping to contribute to lasting policy solutions that can bring growth and welfare to people across the globe.

What lessons from graduate school have you found useful in your professional life?
It takes analytic rigor, resilience, and discipline to break down complex problems before you can claim to have any answers.

What skill has unexpectedly helped you in your career?
Team leadership. It pays off to be humble and work together to achieve common goals.

What is your favorite memory from your graduate years?
I have very fond memories of sunny spring days, sitting on the stairs of the library, catching a break with friends over coffee.

What are your passions outside of your work?
I love traveling and exploring new countries with my kids and my husband. I also enjoy dancing, and I teach Zumba in my community on a volunteer basis.

What is your advice for current GSAS students?
Pick a dissertation topic that you are passionate about. You will need to stick with it for several years!

What motivates you to give to Columbia?
I was incredibly fortunate to attend Columbia on a merit scholarship. I treasure the opportunity to give back so that others can access quality education without facing financial hardship.