Dissertations: April 18, 2022

April 18, 2022


Applied Mathematics

Huang, Kuang. Mathematical modeling of traffic flow for connected and automated vehicles. Sponsor: Qiang Du.

Li, Kathy. Predictive models for menstrual cycle data. Sponsor: Chris Wiggins.

Biological Sciences
Shaffer, Justin. SALSA: A genetically-encoded biosensor for spatiotemporal quantification of Notch signal transduction in vivo. Sponsor: Iva Greenwald.

Business: Decision/Risk/Operations

Hu, Yue. Utilizing prediction analytics in the optimal design and control of healthcare systems. Sponsors: Jing Dong, and Carri Chan.

Business: Finance
Alvero, Adrien. Three essays in financial economics. Sponsors: Wei Jiang and Paul Tetlock.

Business: Management
Liu, Zaijia. Norm adherence and violation: The differential role of intrinsic motivation for moral rules versus social conventions. Sponsor: Michael Morris.

Business: Marketing
Ding, Yu. Increasing consumer trust in science. Sponsor: Gita Johar.

Chemical Engineering
Xiong, Yan. DNA-programmed nanomaterials and exploration of their chemical activities. Sponsor: Oleg Gang.

Crnković, Tea. Expanding biosensing capabilities of engineered yeast. Sponsor: Virginia Cornish.

Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics
Hwang, Junggeun. Centrifuge modeling of the piled raft foundation of a high rise building. Sponsor: Hoe Ling.

Miura, Yuki. Optimization of coastal protective strategies against flooding and sea-level rise. Sponsor: George Deodatis.

Suh, Hyoung Suk. Computational microporomechanics for phase-changing geological materials. Sponsor: Waiching Sun.

Computer Science
Chen, Boyuan. Towards generalist robots through visual world modeling. Sponsor: Hod Lipson.

Hassan, Mohamed. Hardware-software co-design for practical memory safety. Sponsor: Simha Sethumadhavan.

Sinha, Sandip. Efficient recovery algorithms with restricted access to strings. Sponsors: Alexandr Andoni and Clifford Stein.

Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Biology
Hall, Jazlynn. Impacts of drought and cyclonic storms on vegetation and streamflow in Puerto Rico. Sponsor: María Uriarte.

Ribeiro Piffer, Pedro. The fate of forests and its consequences for ecosystem services provision in the Brazilian Atlantic forest. Sponsor: María Uriarte.

Acosta, José. Disentangling macroeconomic policies. Sponsor: Michael Woodford.

Alberto Romero Fonseca, Dario. Essays in development economics and political economy. Sponsor: Suresh Naidu.

Bamford, Iain. Essays in urban economics. Sponsor: Donald Davis.

Guillouët, Louise. Essays in industrial development. Sponsor: Eric Verhoogen.

Hahm, Dong Woo. Essays on empirical school choice. Sponsors: Yeon-Koo Che and Miguel Urquiola.

Koh, Paul. Essays on econometric analysis of game-theoretic models. Sponsors: Simon Lee and Bernard Salanié.

Ravaioli, Silvio. Experimental investigations of the role of information in economic choices. Sponsors: Mark Dean and Michael Woodford.

Rosenkranz, David. Essays in health economics. Sponsors: Douglas Almond and Ashley Swanson.

Shahanaghi, Sara. Essays in media dynamics. Sponsors: Yeon-Koo Che and Navin Kartik.

Shin, Joo-Hyung. Essays in macro-labor economics. Sponsor: Suresh Naidu.

Electrical Engineering
Chen, Leian. Signal processing and machine learning methods for Internet of things: Smart energy generation and robust indoor localization. Sponsor: John Wright.

English and Comparative Literature
Bohannon, Catherine. Found things: Variations in information density in long-form narrative. Sponsor: Dennis Tenen.

Sadeh, Roy Bar. Recasting minority: Islamic modernists between South Asia, the Middle East, and the world, 1856-1947. Sponsors: Marwa Elshakry and Anupama Rao.

Swett, Brooks. Law, power, and the Anglo-American relationship during Reconstruction of the United States, 1863-1878. Sponsor: Stephanie McCurry.

Dũng, Nguyễn. Geometric pullback formula for unitary Shimura varieties. Sponsor: Chao Li.

Hinkle, Gerhardt. The cubic Pell equation L-function. Sponsor: Dorian Goldfeld.

Kwan, Chung Hang. Spectral moments of Rankin-Selberg L-functions. Sponsor: Dorian Goldfeld.

Olander, Noah. Resolutions, bounds, and dimensions for derived categories of varieties. Sponsor: Aise Johan de Jong.

Parekh, Shalin. Some results in weak KPZ universality. Sponsor: Ivan Corwin.

Microbiology, Immunology, and Infection
Iketani, Sho. Combatting a continuously evolving pathogen, SARS-CoV-2. Sponsor: David Ho.

Middle Eastern, South Asian, and African Studies
Sumah, Awo. Kintawi kia Bangunza: Simon Kimbangu in Belgian Congo. Sponsor: Mahmood Mamdani.

Music (DMA)
Balch, Katherine. Liminal spaces: Listening to and around the music of Erin Gee. Sponsor: George Lewis.

Lam, Aden. Ultracold dipolar gases of NaCs ground state molecules. Sponsor: Sebastian Will.

Sheng, Qi. A $\mu$SR investigation of the two-step Mott transition in NiS$_2$ with Se doping. Sponsor: Yasutomo Uemura.

Veske, Doga. Searching for new discoveries in binary black hole mergers and of multi-messenger detections with gravitational-waves. Sponsor: Szabolcs Márka.

Political Science
Casler, Donald. Credible to whom? The organizational politics of credibility in international relations. Sponsor: Keren Yarhi-Milo.

Heidemanns, Merlin. Prediction and error: Forecast aggregation and adjustment. Sponsor: Andrew Gelman.

Magiya, Yusuf. Taxation and state building under diversity. Sponsor: Kimuli Kasara.

McCarthy, Bryn. The contours of White identity in the United States. Sponsor: Donald Green.

Zucker, Noah. Social ties and climate politics. Sponsors: Nikhar Gaikwad and Jack Snyder.

Bloom, Paul. Into the multiverse: Methods for studying developmental neuroscience. Sponsor: Nim Tottenham.

Thieu, Monica. Exploring perception and categorization of social and affective stimuli. Sponsor: Kevin Ochsner.

Au, Larry. The global emergence of a scientific field: Precision medicine in China. Sponsors: Gil Eyal and Joshua Whitford.

Margossian, Charles. Modernizing Markov chains Monte Carlo for scientific and Bayesian modeling. Sponsor: Andrew Gelman.

TC / Anthropology and Education
Herbert, Amelia. A ticket to life: Schooling and the politics of aspiration in Cape Town. Sponsor: Thea Abu El-Haj.

TC / Applied Behavior Analysis
Heiman, Carli. Parent-child interactions: Alignment of measures across behavioral and developmental perspectives and application to intervention. Sponsor: Daniel Fienup.

Kim, Ji Young. Application of behavioral economics to education. Sponsor: Daniel Fienup.

Wilczewski, Joanna. Establishment of the imitation developmental cusp via a virtual mirror protocol and the role of imitation as a foundational verbal cusp. Sponsors: R. Douglas Greer and Jessica Singer-Dudek.

Zhi, Hui. A functional analysis of stimulus control strengths of antecedents and consequences in learning. Sponsor: Daniel Fienup.

TC / Clinical Psychology
Foley, Lauren. The cultivation of a relationship with the natural world in children and adolescents: A grounded theory multiple-case study. Sponsor: Lisa J. Miller.

TC / Cognitive Science in Education
Garofalo, Salvatore. Learning an abstract STEM concept by constructing a three-dimensional physical model compared with a two-dimensional digital model. Sponsor: John Black.

Young, Lauren. The impact of storyline choice in a preschool educational cartoon on narrative comprehension and learning. Sponsor: John Black.

TC / Comparative and International Education
Iwasaki, Erina. National languages, education, and the self-proclaimed "Militants" for multilingual education in Senegal. Sponsor: Nicholas Limerick.

Kenyon, Brittany. Access and belonging: The role of the school and other community-based institutions in the lives of immigrant families. Sponsor: Hope Jensen-Leichter.

Lajiadou. The paradox of Minzu higher education: Structural inequity and exclusion of Tibetans in China's tertiary education. Sponsors: Nicholas Limerick and Aaron Pallas.

TC / Counseling Psychology
Kim, Jung Eun. Perceived discrimination, internalized racism, and psychological distress among Asian Americans: The protective role of ethnic identity and critical action. Sponsor: Melanie Brewster.

Lei, Nina. Development and evaluation of the minoritized multiracial stress scale. Sponsor: Brandon Velez.

Postolache, Nadine. Predictors of Latinx college students academic satisfaction: Integrating psychology of working framework and social cognitive career theory. Sponsor: George Gushue.

TC / Developmental Psychology
Moore, Tiana. The influence of residential mobility on child health and cognition from birth to adolescence. Sponsor: Jeanne Brooks-Gunn.

TC / Economics and Education
Velasco Rodriguez, Tatiana. Essays on the consequences of financial aid for higher education. Sponsor: Jordan Matsudaira.

TC / English Education
Campbell, Jessica. What happens in English class doesn't stay in English class: How college writers remember, story, and inhabit the past in the present. Sponsor: Sheridan Blau.

Shanley, Brett. The rhetorical ethics of antiquity and their legacy in American higher education. Sponsor: Sheridan Blau.

TC / History and Education
Kautz, Matthew. Punishing promise: School discipline and carceral expansion and the era of desegregation. Sponsor: Ansley Erickson.

TC / Mathematics Education
Baptiste, Dyanne. Analyzing the depth of mathematics within interdisciplinary and traditional mathematics teaching: A phenomenological study. Sponsor: Erica Walker.

Matoshi, Vera. Integration of technology in mathematics education: The role of teacher preparation institutions. Sponsor: Erica Walker.

TC / Philosophy and Education
Galindo Diego, Ana. Emmanuel Levinas, Enrique Dussel, and La Escuelita Zapatista: Responding to the ethics of alterity. Sponsor: David Hansen.

Hardman, Sara. The pedagogy of teacher strikes: Examining the transformative potential of teacher strikes through counter-conduct, performativity, and aesthetics. Sponsor: Megan Laverty.

Longa, Rachel. Spiritual practice and the patterns of experience: Rethinking the form of moral education. Sponsor: Megan Laverty.

TC / School Psychology
Denese, Nazia. The relationship between imposter phenomenon and depression: The roles of perceived social support and sense of belonging. Sponsor: Stephen Peverly.

TC / Science Education
Bookbinder, Allison. Teacher leadership and science instructional practice: Teaching elementary science in a time of crisis. Sponsor: Felicia Moore Mensah.

Entress, Cole. “You can’t do everything”: In search of better and more equitable secondary science methods courses. Sponsor: Felicia Moore Mensah.

TC / Sociology and Education
Cordova-Cobo, Diana. When the color-line blurs: A comparative case study exploring how Latinx parents make housing and schooling decisions amid demographic inversion in New York City’s metropolitan area. Sponsor: Amy Wells.

Johns, David. By any means necessary: Supporting the learning and development of Black LGBTQ+/same-gender loving public school students in the United States. Sponsor: Aaron Pallas.

TC / Teaching of Social Studies
Liou, Aleks. Equals, relatives, & kin: Growing intergenerational solidarity between youth activists and their adult accomplices. Sponsor: Sandra Schmidt.

Tran, Van Anh. SEA-ing ourselves, SEA-ing each other: Toward healing-centered re-memory. Sponsor: Sandra Schmidt.

Weller, Allison. More than a feeling: Exploring the affective entanglements of meaning-making at the national September 11th memorial museum. Sponsor: Sandra Schmidt.


Computer Science
Allaway, Emily. Generalizing pragmatic inferences.

Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Biology
Schoen, Jay. Carnivore movement ecology for conservation prioritization.

East, Charles. Identity across the scale of being: Puzzles and problems of synchronic and diachronic identity in Dante's Corpus.

Dougherty, Kylie. Design and preliminary evaluation of an electronic dashboard to enhance the obstetric emergency supply chain in Amhara, Ethiopia.

Garruzzo, Anthony. Concrete rationalities: Three essays in social philosophy.

Political Science
Auslen, Michael. News Gaps' and the political effects of monitoring by local media.

Frederick, Samuel. The enemy is within: Elite affective polarization in American politics.