Dissertations: April 4, 2022

April 04, 2022


Applied Mathematics
Ryoo, Chanyang. Development of cut cell methods for barrier simulations with shallow water equations. Sponsor: Kyle Mandli.

Applied Physics
Hua, Xiang. Processing and properties of encapsulated van der Waals materials at elevated temperature. Sponsor: Irving Herman.

Art History and Archaeology
Lores-Chavez, Isabella. Plaster casts in the life and art of seventeenth-century Dutch painters. Sponsor: David Freedberg.

Soley, Teresa. Monumental ambition: Tomb sculpture in early imperial Portugal. Sponsor: Michael Cole.

Biomedical Engineering
Ettehadi, Nabil. Artificial intelligence for detection, characterization, and classification of complex visual patterns in medical imaging; applications in pulmonary and neuro-imaging. Sponsor: Andrew Laine.

Hu, Hanze. Engineering biomimetic formulations for drug and gene delivery. Sponsor: Kam Leong.

Mandel, Nicole. Characterizing Debye-Stokes-Einstein breakdown with single molecule approaches in Polystyrene near Tg. Sponsor: Laura Kaufman.

Computer Science
Kwon, Jihye. Machine learning for AI-augmented design space exploration of computer systems. Sponsor: Luca Carloni.

Wang, Shiqi. Efficient neural network verification using branch and bound. Sponsors: Baishakhi Ray and Junfeng Yang.

Aridor, Guy. The social network mixtape: Essays on the economics of the digital world. Sponsor: Yeon-Koo Che.

Avilova, Tatyana. Essays in health economics. Sponsor: Douglas Almond.

Bouscasse, Paul. Essays in macroeconomics. Sponsor: Jennifer La'O.

de Souza Netto, Felipe Anderson. Essays on banking and financial intermediation. Sponsors: José Scheinkman and Martin Uribe.

Deibler, Daniel. Essays in microeconomics. Sponsors: W. Bentley MacLeod and Suresh Naidu.

Husted, Lucas. Essays in applied microeconomics. Sponsors: Michael Best and Sandra Black.

Iyer, Vinayak. Essays in applied microeconomics. Sponsors: Donald Davis and Bernard Salanié.

Mazewski, Matthew. Essays in the economics of collective bargaining and labor market power. Sponsor: Suresh Naidu.

Shi, Mengdi. Essays in the economics of health policy. Sponsor: Wojciech Kopczuk.

Alnasser, Lubna. Periodontal inflamed surface area (PISA) - Psychometric evaluation and biological correlates of a promising index for measuring periodontal inflammation. Sponsor: Pam Factor-Litvak.

Esie, Precious. Ethnic diversity and depression within Black America: Identifying and understanding within-group differences. Sponsor: Lisa Bates.

Cheng, Raymond. Geometry of q-bic hypersurfaces. Sponsor: Aise Johan de Jong.

Pieloch, Alexander. Sections and unirulings of families over the projective line. Sponsor: Mohammed Abouzaid.

Zhu, Jingze. Structure and symmetry of singularity models of mean curvature flow. Sponsor: Simon Brendle.

Mechanical Engineering
Murray, Rosemarie. Robotic exoskeletons for torso study, training, and assistance. Sponsor: Sunil Agrawal.

Middle Eastern, South Asian, and African Studies
Yadav, Vivek. Political drama: Genealogy of a degraded form of publicity. Sponsor: Sudipta Kaviraj.

Wetmore, Thomas. "Jazz Steel": An ethnography of race, sound, and technology in spaces of live performance. Sponsor: Christopher Washburne.

Neurobiology and Behavior
McGuirt, Avery. Postnatal maturation of the striatal cholinergic interneuron. Sponsor: David Sulzer.

PhD in Business: Finance
Cramer, Kim. Finance and development. Sponsor: Daniel Wolfenzon.

Siani, Kerry. Essays in financial markets. Sponsor: Wei Jiang.

Jwa, Yeon-Jae. Searching for cues for a matter dominated Universe in liquid Argon time. Sponsor: Georgia Karagiorgi.

Dunlea, James. Children's and adults' reasoning about punishment's messages. Sponsor: Larisa Heiphetz.

Pinelli, Federica. Co-creation shared reality: A path to higher-quality relationships and well-being. Sponsor: Tory Higgins.

Gordon Rodriguez, Elliott. Advances in machine learning for compositional data. Sponsor: John Cunningham.

TC / Clinical Psychology
Choi, Hanseung. The impact of selective attention on energy and its implications for health. Sponsor: Lisa J. Miller.

Huang, Sandy. Layers of flexibility and the prediction of adaptation to major life stressors. Sponsor: George Bonanno.

TC / Cognitive Science in Education
Zheng, Chen. Explicit and implicit coordination of joint action in a real-life activity. Sponsor: Barbara Tversky.

TC / Counseling Psychology
Chang, Jennifer. "Roots and Wings": A grounded theory study on the racial/ethnic identity and activist identity development experiences of Asian American activists. Sponsor: Cindy Huang.

TC / Economics and Education
Zhou, Yang. College and career readiness: Essays on economics of education and employment. Sponsor: Judith Scott-Clayton.

TC / Philosophy and Education
Zhang, Qifan. Play, for grace: A study of the significance of play in education. Sponsor: David Hansen.

TC / Science Education
Cole-Onaifo, Karen. Teachers transition from teacher-centered to learner-centered. Sponsor: Christopher Emdin.


Belloir, Joseph. Precision sleep health in transgender and nonbinary adults.