Dissertations: August 9, 2022

August 09, 2022


Carr, Danielle. Political anatomies of the cyborg: Liberal subjects and neural engineering. Advisors: Nadia Abu El-Haj and Rosalind Morris.

Jain, Sarandha. Fluvial government: Tracking petroleum as liquid infrastructure in India. Advisor: Brian Larkin.

Romero Dianderas, Eduardo Javier. Calculating Amazonia: The politics of calculative abstractions in Peru’s tropical rainforest governance. Advisor: Paige West.

Tarnowski, Jan. Struggling with images: Revolution, war, and media in Syria. Advisor: Nadia Abu El-Haj.

Applied Mathematics
Ding, Wen. Computational inversion with Wasserstein distances and neural network induced loss functions. Advisor: Kui Ren.

Applied Physics
Karp, Jonathan. Theoretical studies of unconventional superconductivity in materials with strong electronic correlations. Advisors: Chris Marianetti and Andrew Millis.

Art History and Archaeology
Zhu, Cathy. Born in a golden light: Omens, art, and succession in the Southern Song (1127-1279). Advisor: Robert Harrist.

Wheeler, Adam. Advances in the modelling of stellar spectra and applications to the Galaxy and its stars. Advisor: Melissa Ness.

Yavetz, Tomer. Orbits, orbitals, and dark matter halos: Nature and relationships. Advisors: Lam Hui and Kathryn Johnston.

Biological Sciences
O'Keeffe, Catherine. Regulation of EGFR signal transduction and cell division in quiescent vulval precursor cells during dauer developmental arrest. Advisor: Iva Greenwald.

Zhu, Lingwei. Real-time observation of vitamin B12 transport by BtuCD-F at the single-molecule level. Advisors: Ruben Gonzalez and John Hunt.

Biological Sciences
Cros, Cyril. C. elegans Sine oculis/SIX-type homeobox genes act as homeotic switches to define neuronal subtype identities. Advisor: Oliver Hobert.

Feng, Shuang. Nucleolar transcription and its connections to nucleolar homeostasis and mitochondrial stress responses. Advisor: James Manley.

Low Calle, Ana. A noncanonical Hippo signaling pathway regulates DeltaNp63 in cancer cells. Advisors: Carol Prives and Ron Prywes.

Majeed, Maryam. Expression and functional analyses of the entire cadherin gene family in C. elegans. Advisor: Oliver Hobert.

Tekieli, Tessa. Studies of Caenorhabditis elegans neuronal cell fate. Advisor: Oliver Hobert.

Wang, Bryan. Production and properties of the Pseudomonas aeruginosa R-body virulence factor. Advisor: Lars Dietrich.

Biomedical Engineering
Brudnicki, Philip. Development of a fibrous, collagen-based analog of the extracellular matrix. Advisor: Helen Lu.

Burt, Kevin. Evaluation of inflammatory biological drivers and the role of the innate immune response during intervertebral disc degeneration. Advisors: Clark Hung and Nadeen Chahine.

Gurbatri, Candice. Engineered probiotics for the screening and treatment of colorectal cancer. Advisor: Tal Danino.

Harimoto, Tetsuhiro. Engineering bacteria: From cancer and to granulomas. Advisor: Tal Danino.

Karageorgos, Grigorios Marios. High frame rate imaging of arterial wall mechanics and blood flow dynamics for atherosclerosis diagnosis and monitoring. Advisor: Elisa Konofagou.

Lee, Stephen. Focused ultrasound neuromodulation of the peripheral nervous system. Advisor: Elisa Konofagou.

Marshall, Brittany. The role of the subacromial bursa in rotator cuff tendon response to injury and healing. Advisor: Stavros Thomopoulos.

Pinezich, Meghan. Engineering extracellular environments to study and treat lung pathologies. Advisor: Gordana Vunjak-Novakovic.

Shi, Lingting. Mechanosensing of human regulatory T cell induction. Advisor: Lance C. Kam.

Sundaresh, Sowmya. Brain tissue biomechanics and pathobiology of blast-induced traumatic brain injury. Advisor: Barclay Morrison.

Sutton, Michael. The influence of microtubules and microtubule-based structures on Osteoclast and CD4+ T cell function. Advisor: Lance C. Kam.

Thibodeaux, David. Neuronal and hemodynamic functional connectivity in the awake mouse. Advisor: Elizabeth Hillman.

Varghese, Nevin. Pharmacological interventions to reduce electrophysiological deficits following blast traumatic brain injury. Advisor: Barclay Morrison.

Wu, Josephine. Engineering spatiotemporal cues for directed cartilage formation. Advisor: Gordana Vunjak-Novakovic.

Biomedical Informatics
Bear Don't Walk, Oliver. Inferring race and ethnicity from clinical notes: Annotation, model auditing, and ethical implications. Advisor: Noémie Elhadad.

Hu, Bo. The joint modeling of longitudinal covariates and censored quantile regression for health applications. Advisors: Bin Cheng and Ying Wei.

Xu, Tianchen. Statistical methods for learning patients heterogeneity and treatment effects to achieve precision medicine. Advisor: Yuanjia Wang.

Yao, Yujing. Statistical analysis of large scale data with perturbation subsampling. Advisor: Zhezhen Jin.

Business: Finance
Mansouri, Seyed. Three essays in corporate finance and economic development. Advisor: Daniel Wolfenzon.

Business: Management
Dell'Acqua, Fabrizio. Artificial intelligence in organizations: Three experiments on human/machine interaction and human augmentation. Advisor: Bruce Kogut.

Stephenson, Matthew. Essays in behavioral strategy. Advisor: Bruce Kogut.

Cellular Physiology and Biophysics
Papa, Arianne. Elucidating the mechanism of beta-adrenergic regulation of calcium channels in the heart. Advisor: Steven O. Marx.

Ramlall, Vijendra. Using electronic health records to understand COVID-19 risks. Advisor: Nicholas Tatonetti.

Cellular, Molecular, and Biomedical Studies
Colón Ortiz, Crystal. Vascular-glial signaling in neurovascular injury. Advisor: Carol Troy.

Huang, Yiming. Towards new approaches for studying personalized gut microbiota and host-microbe interactions. Advisor: Harris Wang.

Sheng, Jiemin. The development and application of high-throughput tools for functional genomics. Advisor: Alejandro Chavez.

Wayne, Charlotte. Roles of Th17 cytokines in microglial and neurovascular responses to recurrent intranasal Streptococcus pyogenes infection. Advisor: Dritan Agalliu.

Chemical Engineering
Alkhodairi, Husam. Compatibilization of immiscible polymer blends using polymer-grafted nanoparticles. Advisor: Sanat Kumar.

Altorbaq, Abdullah. Crystallization kinetics of semicrystalline polymer nanocomposites: Morphology-property relationship. Advisor: Sanat Kumar.

Beatty, Marissa. Establishing relationships between structure and performance for silicon oxide encapsulated electrocatalysts. Advisor: Daniel Esposito.

Chan, Sophia. Preparation effects on the morphology of polymer-grafted nanoparticle membranes for gas separation applications. Advisor: Sanat Kumar.

Krauskopf, Alejandro. Directional nanoparticle organization in semicrystalline polymers: Mechanisms and quantification methodologies. Advisor: Sanat Kumar.

Massad, Nadim. Engineering enzymes for cofactor recycling and carbon fixation. Advisor: Scott Banta.

Chemical Physics
Callahan, James. Applications of coupled cluster theory to models of extended systems of fermions. Advisor: Timothy Berkelbach.

Greene, Samuel. Stochastic electronic structure methods for molecules and crystalline solids. Advisor: Timothy Berkelbach.

Avard, Rachel. An investigation into the means and methods through which breast cancer cells are able to migrate. Advisor: Laura Kaufman.

Aydt, Alexander. Understanding superatomic cluster tunability for use as building blocks for extended materials. Advisor: Xavier Roy.

Bechand, Benjamin. Synthesis of novel psychedelics as potential treatments for pain and mood disorders. Advisor: Dalibor Sames.

Churchill, Emily. Design and application of triplet-triplet annihilation upconversion materials. Advisor: Luis Campos.

Greenwald, Julia. Single-molecule circuits by chemical design. Advisor: Latha Venkataraman.

Hong, Suk ho. Designing small-molecule probes for protein Tyrosine Phosphatases. Advisor: Neel Shah.

Lee, Wei-Li. Design and synthesis of optical and pharmacological probes for studying serotonergic system. Advisor: Dalibor Sames.

Parenti, Kaia. Controlling multiexciton dynamics in intramolecular singlet fission. Advisor: Luis Campos.

Saenz, Natalie. Synthesis and characterization of nanoplatelets and nanoplatelet heterostructures made with Thiourea and Selone precursors. Advisor: Jonathan Owen.

Treacy, Sean. Enabling organic methodology through photoredox catalysis. Advisor: Tomislav Rovis.

Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics
Douba, Ala Eddin. Nano-engineered cement for 3D printing concrete. Advisor: Shiho Kawashima.

Classical Studies
Noé, Mariana. Virtue and change in Plato's laws. Advisor: Katja Vogt.

Sokolowski, Deborah. Inventing Roman Bithynia: Rural cultures and identities in the 1st-3rd centuries CE. Advisors: Francesco de Angelis and John Ma.

James, Jesse. Greek international law: Networks, socialization, and compliance. Advisor: John Ma.

Lambert, Catherine. Bad readers in ancient Rome. Advisors: Kristina Milnor and Nancy Worman.

Van Geel, Lien. Soror Augusti: The literary lives and afterlives of Octavia Minor. Advisors: Katharina Volk and Gareth Williams.

Computer Science
Bayat, Niloofar. Internet subscription plans: Thresholding, throttling, and zero-rating. Advisors: Vishal Misra and Daniel Rubenstein.

Chakraborty, Saikat. Learning to edit code. Advisor: Baishakhi Ray.

Chen, Yichen. Multiscaling and machine learning approaches to physics simulation. Advisor: Eitan Grinspun.

Karamanolakis, Ioannis. Efficient machine teaching frameworks for natural language processing. Advisors: Luis Gravano and Daniel Hsu.

Kwiatkowski, Robert. Deep self-modeling for robotic systems. Advisor: Hod Lipson.

Piccolboni, Luca. Multi-functional interfaces for accelerators. Advisor: Luca Carloni.

Roellke, Dennis. Detection, triage, and attribution of PII phishing campaigns. Advisor: Salvatore Stolfo.

Vodrahalli, Kiran. Resource-efficient methods in machine learning. Advisor: Alexandr Andoni.

Vlatakis Gkaragkounis, Emmanouil. Beyond worst-case analysis of optimization in machine learning. Advisor: Mihalis Yannakakis.

Watkins, David. Learning mobile manipulation. Advisor: Peter Allen.

Earth and Environmental Engineering
Alkhani, Anas. Catalytic dry reforming of Methane: Paving the road to a carbon neutral industrial scale blue hydrogen production process technology via monolithic catalyst-based reformer bolstered by a techno-economic assessment. Advisor: Robert Farrauto.

Fan, Hanqing. Developing ion-selective membrane technologies at the water-energy nexus. Advisor: Ngai Yin Yip.

Massmann, Adam. Theory and causality: Estimating ecosystem response to aridity. Advisor: Pierre Gentine.

McCartney, Stephanie. Advancing membrane technologies for recovery of phosphorus and nitrogen from human urine. Advisor: Ngai Yin Yip.

Earth and Environmental Sciences
Gibson, James. Controls on surface and sedimentary processes on continental margins from geophysical data: New insights at Cascadia, Galicia, and the Eastern North American margin. Advisors: Suzanne Carbotte and Donna Shillington.

Lenssen, Nathan. Uncertainty and predictability of seasonal-to-centennial climate variability. Advisor: Gavin Schmidt.

Lesk, Corey. New insights on how changing hydroclimate might affect crop yields -- and a way to avoid the worst of it. Advisor: Radley Horton.

O'Mara, Nicholas. Monsoons, wildefires, and savannas: Drivers of climate and ecosystem change in Northwest Africa. Advisor: Pratigya Polissar.

Stubblefield, Aaron. Modelling the dynamics and surface expressions of subglacial water flow. Advisor: Marc Spiegelman.

Weiss, Thomas. Investigating climate variability over the last four glacial cycles using surface and thermocline dwelling foraminifera from the Sulu Sea in the far Western Pacific. Advisor: Braddock Linsley.

Yu, Congyu. Fossil, data, and information driven paleontology. Advisor: Jin Meng.

Zhou, Yuxin. Atlantic meridional overturning circulation instabilities during the last glacial cycle. Advisor: Jerry McManus.

East Asian Languages and Cultures
Chambers, Harlan. Revolutionary times: Temporalities of mobilization and narrative in China’s Revolution. Advisor: Lydia Liu.

Fong, Sau-yi. Guns, boats, and diplomacy: Late Qing China and the world's naval technology. Advisor: Eugenia Lean.

Ishida, Yuki. Untranslating literary modernity: Futabatei Shimei and literary translation in 1880s-1910s Japan. Advisor: Tomi Suzuki.

Kaplan-Reyes, Alexander. Flowers on the battlefield: Intimacy and hierarchy in the construction of Japanese warrior masculinities, 1507-1636. Advisors: David Lurie and Gregory Pflugfelder.

Wu, Dongming. The bronze economy and the making of the southern borderlands in the Zhou Dynasty (1045-256 BCE). Advisor: Feng Li.

Yang, Chung-Wei. The transformation of Chinese fiction and pictorials in the era of photolithography (1900-1910). Advisor: Wei Shang.

Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Biology
Akana, Palani. Patterns, mechanisms, and implications of spatial variability in the ecological processes regulating nutrient access by forest trees. Advisor: Duncan Menge.

Anujan, Krishna. The role of community assembly filters in governing the biodiversity-productivity relationship: Tests of theory on real gradients. Advisor: Shahid Naeem.

Siller, Stefanie. Epigenetic modification of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis during early life of the house sparrow (Passer domesticus). Advisor: Dustin Rubenstein.

Saluja, Arpita. Essays on organizational economics. Advisor: Suresh Naidu.

Zhu, Yining. Essays in applied environmental economics. Advisor: Douglas Almond.

Electrical Engineering
Bhatt, Gaurang. Manipulating thermal radiation using nano-photonic structures. Advisor: Michal Lipson.

Buchanan, Sam. Deep networks through the lens of low-dimensional structure: Towards mathematical and computational principles for nonlinear data. Advisor: John Wright.

Datta, Ipshita. Platform based on two-dimensional (2D) materials for next-generation integrated photonics. Advisor: Michal Lipson.

Rizzo, Anthony. Highly parallel silicon photonic links with integrated Kerr frequency combs. Advisor: Keren Bergman.

Shim, Euijae. Integrated photonics for chip-scale mid-infrared sources and strain modulation of two-dimensional materials. Advisor: Michal Lipson.

Xia, Stephen. Selective audio filtering for enabling acoustic intelligence in mobile, embedded, and cyber-physical systems. Advisor: Xiaofan Jiang.

Zhao, Yun. Nonlinear photonics for room-temperature quantum metrology and information processing. Advisor: Alexander Gaeta.

Zhou, Liwei. Model predictive critical soft-switching enable high-performance software-defined power electronics: Converter configuration, efficiency, and redundancy. Advisor: Matthias Preindl.

Zhu, Ziyi. High performance silicon photonic interconnected systems. Advisor: Keren Bergman.

English and Comparative Literature
Banful, Akua. The hostile tropics: Towards a postcolonial discourse of climate. Advisor: Brent Edwards.

Newby, Diana. Passive life: Vitalism and British fiction, 1820-1880. Advisor: Sharon Marcus.

Park, Yea Jung. Fictions of discernment in late medieval England. Advisor: Eleanor Johnson.

Terlunen, Milan. All along…! The pre-history of the plot twist in nineteenth-century fiction. Advisors: Sharon Marcus and Dennis Tenen.

Tripathi, Ameya. Documents of revolution: Literacy, translation and internationalism in the Spanish Civil War. Advisor: Sarah Cole.


Environmental Health Sciences
Abuawad, Ahlam. Arsenic, nutrition, and diabetes incidence. Advisors: Ana Navas-Acien and Mary Gamble.

Baker, Brennan. Prenatal acetaminophen exposure as a risk factor for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD): Underlying mechanisms in humans and mice. Advisors: Andrea Baccarelli and Brandon Pearson.

Lewandowski, Stephen. Observed impacts of environmental conditions on heat illness morbidity in the military. Advisor: Jeffrey Shaman.

Lynch, Victoria. Quantifying the effect of seasonal and extreme floods on waterborne disease in the United States. Advisor: Jeffrey Shaman.

Rowland, Sebastian. The twin crises of climate change and air pollution: Characterizing the acute cardiovascular effects of temperature and uncertainties of fine particulate matter concentrations. Advisor: Marianthi-Anna Kioumourtzoglou.

Askari, Melanie. Estimating impacts of the Great Recession on adolescent depressive episodes and mental health service utilization with disparities by poverty in the United States. Advisor: Katherine Keyes.

Howland, Renata. The COVID-19 lockdown, preterm birth, and healthcare disruptions among medicaid-insured women in New York State. Advisor: Matthew Lamb.

Mao, Jialin. Applying a multilevel framework to investigating racial and ethnic disparities in robot-assisted surgery and associated outcomes for prostate cancer. Advisor: Parisa Tehranifar.

Reeping, Paul. The effect of gun-free zones on crimes committed with a firearm and active shootings in the United States. Advisor: Charles Branas.

Roberts, Eric. Drivers of functional and non-functional drug use: A latent class analysis. Advisor: Sandro Galea.

French and Romance Philology
Carter, Noni. Homo narrans: In pursuit of science’s fictions of the ‘human’ in eighteenth-century science and contemporary science fiction and speculative fiction. Advisor: Madeleine Dobie.

Raichlen, Katherine. Historicizing identities: Family stories and twentieth-century Jewish migration in Francophone literature and film. Advisor: Madeleine Dobie.

Genetics and Development
Chen, Yijing. Deciphering the link between the Schizophrenia-risk gene SETD1A and activity-dependent transcription. Advisor: Joseph A. Gogos.

Crowley, Laura. Investigating heterogeneity in the prostate epithelium. Advisor: Michael Shen.

Goldberg, Elizabeth. The role of NSD1 in oral squamous homeostasis and HNSCC tumorigenesis. Advisors: Chao Lu and Cathy Mendelsohn.

Herod, Sarah. The contribution of 14-3-3 proteins to protein aggregate homeostasis. Advisor: Luke Berchowitz.

Donovan, Joshua. Imagining antioch: Sectarianism, nationalism, and migration in the Greek Orthodox levant, 1860-1958. Advisors: Marwa Elshakry and Rashid Khalidi.

Enríquez Flores, Fabiola. The politics of devotion: Militant Catholicism and the fight for the Spanish Empire in Cuba and Puerto Rico. Advisor: Caterina Pizzigoni.

Ryan, Thomas. War at the exhibition: Militarism and mass culture in South Korea, 1946-1973. Advisors: Lien-Hang Nguyen and Anders Stephanson.

Turtur, Noelle. Making fascist empire work: Italian enterprises, labor, and organized-community in occupied Ethiopia, 1896-1943. Advisor: Victoria De Grazia.

Woodsum, Antonina. Fiesta immemorial: Colonial and carceral relations with native nations in Southern California. Advisor: Karl Jacoby.

Zhao, Wenrui. Dissecting sight: The eye and the art of medicine in early modern Germany, 1500-1700. Advisor: Pamela Smith.

Industrial Engineering
Ren, Yi. Using second-order information in training deep neural networks. Advisor: Donald Goldfarb.

Mecozzi, Lorenzo. The retrospective novel: The romance of the self. Advisor: Elizabeth Leake.

Sbuttoni, Claudia. The value of dust: Memory and identity at Italy's margins. Advisor: Elizabeth Leake.

Latin American and Iberian Cultures
Alberdi, Begoña. El arte nuevo de cocinar: género, trabajo y tecnologías en Chile y Argentina, 1890-1945. Advisor: Graciela Montaldo.

Ameixeiras Cundíns, Iria. Staging deviant traditions: The politics of folklore under the Iberian fascist regimes. Advisor: Wadda Ríos-Font.

Becerra, Felipe. Oficina fantasma: tecnología, escritura y prácticas editoriales en América Latina (1964 – 1984). Advisor: Graciela Montaldo.

Cook, Alexandra. Before the fetish: Artifice and trade in early modern Guinea. Advisor: Alessandra Russo.

Materials Science and Engineering
Cao, Wei. Spin-pumping effects in ferromagnetic thin film heterostructures measured through ferromagnetic resonance. Advisor: William Bailey.

Hui, Zeyu. Continuum level physics-based model on understanding and optimizing the Lithium transport in high-energy-density LIB/LMB electrodes. Advisors: Alan West and Yuan Yang.

Atanasov, Stanislav. Derived Hecke operators on unitary Shimura varieties. Advisor: Michael Harris.

Mechanical Engineering
Bhattacharya, Smiti. A versatile biomimetic microfabricated platform for multicellular drug studies. Advisor: James Hone.

Conlon, Terence. Assessing the impact of electrification on energy system planning: Analyses in New York State and Ethiopia. Advisor: Vijay Modi.

Cornell, Rodger. Kinetic experiments and data-driven modeling for energetic material combustion. Advisor: Michael Burke.

Fobi Nsutezo, Sally Simone. Data-driven decision support for low electricity access settings. Advisor: Vijay Modi.

Ismail, Ayman. Higher order repetitive control for external signals with uncertain periods. Advisor: Richard Longman.

Wang, Chao. Assessment of crosslink density in collagen models and ultrafast laser crosslinking of corneal and cartilage tissues as novel treatment modalities. Advisor: Sinisa Vukelic.

Zhang, Zhixing. Impedance-based affinity micro and nanosensors for continuous glucose monitoring. Advisor: Qiao Lin.

Middle Eastern, South Asian, and African Studies
Ambler, Catherine. Masters of the distant meanings: Unity and multiplicity in the Persian poesis of freshness. Advisor: Hamid Dabashi.

El Houdaiby, Ibrahim. Universalizing Egypt, 1854-1876: Suez Canal, debt, corvee, and the rise of modern government. Advisor: Timothy Mitchell.

Halliwell, John. Creed & credit: An anthropology of debt and bankruptcy in Islamic law. Advisor: Brinkley Messick.

Malak, Karim. Counting colonialism: Calculation, Egypt, Britain and the Ottoman Empire 1805-1954. Advisor: Timothy Mitchell.

Amsellem, Audrey. Sound and surveillance: The making of the neoliberal ear. Advisor: Aaron Fox.

Dawes, Laina. "Freedom ain't free:" Race and representation(s) in extreme heavy metal. Advisor: Kevin Fellezs.

Turner, Madeleine. Rethinking Beethoven's middle style: Form, time, and disruption in the chamber music of 1806-15. Advisor: Elaine Sisman.

Music (DMA)
HansenAtria, Vicente. Contrafactual archaeology: A model for inter-idiomatic composition in Orlando Furioso. Advisor: George Lewis.

Neurobiology and Behavior
Datta, Malika. Brain-wide mapping of dopaminergic phenotypic plasticity. Advisor: Raju Tomer.

Paquelet, Grace. Single-cell activity and network properties of dorsal raphe serotonin neurons during emotional behaviors. Advisor: René Hen.

Portes, Jacob. Flexible computation in neural circuits. Advisors: Laurence Abbott and Rudy Behnia.

Priestley, James. Dynamic and compressed memory coding in the hippocampus. Advisors: Stefano Fusi and Attila Losonczy.

Stine, Gabriel. Neural computations for forming and terminating perceptual decisions. Advisor: Michael Shadlen.

Ancheta, April. The impacts of school climate and education policy on weight and victimization disparities among sexual minority adolescents. Advisor: Tonda Hughes.

Estrada, Leah. Racial and ethnic differences in palliative care services and potentially avoidable hospitalizations at end of life in nursing homes nationwide. Advisor: Patricia Stone.

Idnay, Betina Ross. Improving eligibility prescreening for Alzheimer's disease and related dementias clinical trials with natural language processing. Advisor: Rebecca Schnall.

Kueakomoldej, Supakorn. Optimizing the nurse practitioner workforce and patient outcomes in community health centers. Advisor: Lusine Poghosyan.

Soled, Kodiak. "The best revenge is living a good life": Queer and trans resilience along the childbearing journey. Advisors: Walter Bockting and Maureen George.

Operations Research
Chen, Jinsheng. Essays on skills-based routing. Advisor: David Yao.

Fu, Weilong. Innovative derivative pricing and time series simulation techniques via machine and deep learning. Advisor: Ali Hirsa.

Gao, Yuan. New optimization models and methods for classical, infinite-dimensional, and online fisher markets. Advisor: Christian Kroer.

Hanguir, Oussama. Algorithms for matching problems under data accessibility constraints. Advisor: Clifford Stein.

Lei, Xiao. Revenue management in video games and with fairness. Advisor: Adam Elmachtoub.

Sanabria Buenaventura, Elioth. On the misclassification cost problem and dynamic resource allocation models for EMS. Advisor: David Yao.

Soret, Agathe. Mean field games with heterogeneous players: From portfolio optimization to network effects. Advisor: Daniel Lacker.

Yin, Steven. Essays on online learning and resource allocation. Advisor: Shipra Agrawal.

Pathobiology and Molecular Medicine
Croce, Katherine. Using selective autophagy to determine protein aggregation's pathogenic contribution to neurodegenerative disease. Advisor: Ai Yamamoto.

Pharmacology and Molecular Signaling
Aaron, Nicole. The role of PPARgamma acetylation and Adipsin in adipose tissue dysfunction. Advisor: Li Qiang.

Bekdash, Ramsey. Developing and applying novel imaging methods for human diseases. Advisor: Masayuki Yazawa.

Burke, Alan. Targeting T-cells to acute Myeloid Leukemia with a novel bispecific antibody format. Advisor: Siddhartha Mukherjee.

Daniels, Jacob. Molecular insights into Ferroptosis as a therapeutic target for Huntington’s disease. Advisor: Brent Stockwell.

Potenski, Anna. Elucidating endothelial caspase-9 signaling pathways in retinal vein occlusion. Advisor: Carol Troy.


Booth, Richard. Underspecificity in modal contexts. Advisor: Karen Lewis.

Bittermann, Noah. Bootstrapping from a boundary point of view. Advisor: Rachel Rosen.

Howlett, Joseph. Liquid-phase purification for multi-ton xenon detectors and a search for dark matter and neutrinos in XENON1T. Advisor: Elena Aprile.

Harrellson, Steven. Hydration solids. Advisor: Ozgur Sahin.

Sun, Guanhao. A symmetry's tale: From the material to the celestial. Advisor: Alberto Nicolis.

Vázquez-Carson, Sebastián. Transverse laser cooling of calcium monohydride molecules. Advisor: Tanya Zelevinsky.

Zhu, Tianyu. The path to the search for rare event signals in XENON1T and XENONnT dark matter experiments. Advisor: Elena Aprile.

Political Science
Mohamed, Ahmed Ezzeldin. Religious cycles of policy responsiveness: How religious seasons regulate public opinion and government responsiveness in the Muslim world. Advisor: Daniel Corstange.

Pocasangre Meneses, Oscar. The political consequences of long-term violence in Mexico. Advisor: Maria Victoria Murillo.

Ragazzoni, David. From parliamentarism to party democracy: Parliaments, parties, and leaders, Weber to Kelsen. Advisors: Turkuler Isiksel and Nadia Urbinati.

Goldring, Megan. A componential model of stress reactivity in daily life. Advisor: Niall Bolger.

Dolfi, Elizabeth. Trafficking in restoration: Building God's kingdom in the evangelical anti-trafficking movement. Advisor: Courtney Bender.

Esparza, Daniel. Broken engagements: A study of forgiveness. Advisor: Mark Taylor.

St Amant, Guy. The age of scripture: Divine words and human authors in premodern India. Advisor: Sheldon Pollock.

Tackes, John. Everyday eschatology: Centering and healing in two Hindu sects. Advisors: John Hawley and Kavita Sivaramakrishnan.

Slavic Languages
Pekov, Alex. Toward a transmediterranean genealogy: Matrilineal legacies in Sephardi women writers from the former Yugoslavia and the Maghreb. Advisor: Valentina Izmirlieva.

Social Work
Aivadyan, Christina. Assessing the impact of state-level confidentiality-relevant laws on U.S. adolescents' HIV testing practices. Advisor: Elwin Wu.

Giorgio Cosenzo, Luciana. Examining the sociocultural context of insomnia among Latinx adults: A three-paper dissertation. Advisor: Carmela Alcántara.

Kwon, Sarah. Three essays on child care policy. Advisor: Jane Waldfogel.

Lee, Yong Gun. Contemporary approaches to addressing HIV prevention needs among sexual and gender diverse individuals in Kazakhstan. Advisor: Elwin Wu.

Brensinger, Jordan. Producing consumer “identities”: Identity theft and insecurity in the data economy. Advisor: Gil Eyal.

Han, Sang Won. The mechanisms of elite political polarization in America. Advisor: Peter Bearman.

Mariuma, Yarden. Brokers, smugglers, bandits and tricksters: 1821 in the Balkans viewed in a relational perspective. Advisor: Peter Bearman.

Portocarrero, Sandra. Another brick in the wall: Three essays on diversity and inequality in organizations. Advisor: Gil Eyal.

Sociomedical Sciences
Price, Yoka. Lights out in Gotham: A social history of death in New York City, 1946-1959. Advisor: David Rosner.

Davison, Andrew. Statistical perspectives on modern network embedding methods. Advisor: Tian Zheng.

Deb, Nabarun. Blessing of dependence and distribution-freeness in statistical hypothesis testing. Advisors: Sumit Mukherjee and Bodhisattva Sen.

Quintos Lima, Alejandra. Modeling random events. Advisor: Philip Protter.

Ratcliffe, Bridget. Statistical approach to tagging stellar birth groups in the Milky Way. Advisors: Melissa Ness and Bodhisattva Sen.

Tang, Chengliang. Learning from complex structured data with weak supervision. Advisor: Tian Zheng.

Ward, Owen. Latent variable models for events on social networks. Advisor: Tian Zheng.

Xu, Shun. On recovering the best Rank-r approximation from few entries. Advisor: Ming Yuan.

Xu, Yuanzhe. Inference in discrete graphical models. Advisor: Sumit Mukherjee.

Sustainable Development
Harrington, Matthew. Predicting and understanding the presence of water through remote sensing, machine learning, and uncertainty quantification. Advisor: Upmanu Lall.

Palandri, Claire. Essays on animal farming and external validity for sustainable development. Advisors: Douglas Almond and Upmanu Lall.

Taylor, Charles. Essays on land use and agriculture. Advisor: Wolfram Schlenker.

TC / Anthropology and Education
Rudas Burgos, Daniel. Educating in Garladeros: Assembling literacies, peasantries, and sorrows in the Páramo of Sumapaz. Advisor: Herve Varenne.

TC / Applied Behavior Analysis
Naresh, Aparna. Descriptive and experimental analysis of mand interventions. Advisor: Daniel Fienup.

Pedrero-Davila, Gabriela. The role of conditioned seeing on reading outcomes for students in Kindergarten through second grade. Advisor: R. Douglas Greer.

TC / Clinical Psychology
Mandavia, Amar. Modeling mechanisms of human immunodeficiency virus and sexually transmitted infections contraction among serodiscordant couples. Advisor: Barry Farber.

Meli, Laura. Pathways of psychological adjustment to physical health-related stressors: Understanding heterogeneous responses to acute cardiovascular events and the COVID-19 pandemic. Advisor: George Bonanno.

Sardana, Srishti. Social capital, interpersonal social support, and mental health outcomes in Syrian refugees and host population in Lebanon: A dynamic networks approach. Advisor: Helen Verdeli.

TC / Cognitive Science in Education
Connolly, Helena. Learning symbolic modeling from incorrect examples: Effects of order of instruction. Advisor: Catherine Chase.

TC / Counseling Psychology
Scott-Mclaughlin, Randolph. The effect of student race and class intersections on the assignment of school-based resources. Advisor: Laura Smith.

TC / English Education
Gordon, Noah. Unanswered questions: An educational autobiography of endless apprenticeship. Advisor: Sheridan Blau.

Mooney, Brian. To speak a true word: Remixing hip hop pedagogies, poetics, and literacies. Advisor: Yolanda Sealey-Ruiz.

Oujo, Maria. Latino students and digital storytelling: Producers of knowledge in a college English classroom. Advisors: Ernest Morrell and Ruth Vinz.

TC / Philosophy and Education
Hori, Saori. Ignorance and irony: The role of not-knowing in becoming a person. Advisor: Megan Laverty.

Ignaffo, Timothy. Toward a pedagogy of paidia. Advisor: Robert McClintock.

TC / School Psychology
Khoo, Olivia. Youth mental health first aid for educators of immigrant-origin youth: A mixed-method evaluation of the virtual delivery approach. Advisor: Prerna Arora.

Kurtz, Rosemarie. Sleep disturbance as a predictor of memory function in multiple sclerosis: A cross-sectional and longitudinal analysis. Advisor: Stephen Peverly.

TC / Science Education
Whitaker, Audrey Rabi. Examining validity and coherence in a cognitively-based science performance assessment. Advisor: Ann Rivet.

TC / Sociology and Education
Klempin, Serena. Understanding the role of higher education in addressing students' basic needs. Advisor: Aaron Pallas.

TC / Teaching of Social Studies
Blanco, Martha. Testimonio as pedagogy of disruption: Central American teachers engagement with youth testimonios about immigration and the effects of American empire. Advisor: Christine Baron.

Urban Planning
Dublin-Boc Sor, Jenna. The spatial politics of urban character: Analyzing the roles of historic districts in neighborhood land use activism to resist displacement, New York City and Los Angeles, 2000-2020. Advisor: Lance Freeman.


Shamoun, Saphe. Future alternatives: Syrians in exile and the call for dignity.

Biomedical Engineering
Sykes, Andreea. Microstructural and biomechanical adaptations of bone in guinea pig osteoarthritis and simulated progression.

Tavakol, Daniel. Bioengineered models of human bone marrow for studying systemic disease.

Computer Science
Zhang, Junzhe. Casual reinforcement learning.

Earth and Environmental Sciences
Hollyday, Andrew. The influence of mantle dynamics on Earth's topography and climate during the Pliocene.

Mechanical Engineering
Whitehead, John. Inverted multi-material laser printing.

Wyder, Philippe. Robot metabolism: Self-improving developmental machines.