Dissertations: December 21, 2020

December 21, 2020


Biological Sciences

  • Hamilton, Keith. Structural studies of the human 3'-end RNA processing complex. Sponsor: Liang Tong.
  • Muller, Salomon. Learning in multi-layer networks of the brain. Sponsor: Laurence Abbott.


  • Even, Yaarit. Essays on market microstructure. Sponsor: Alireza Tahbaz-Salehi.

Cellular, Molecular, and Biomedical Studies

  • Bashkirova, Elizaveta. Spatially determined olfactory receptor choice is regulated by NFI-dependent heterochromatin silencing and genomic compartmentalization. Sponsor: Stavros Lomvardas.
  • Klein, Alyssa. A p53-independent role for MDM2/MDMX in cell cycle progression. Sponsor: Carol Prives.
  • Liu, Bohao. Cardiac recovery through therapeutic delivery of iPSC derived cardiomyocyte. Sponsor: Gordana Vunjak-Novakovic.

Chemical Engineering

  • Inaba, Yuta. Engineering acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans for metal corrosion and recovery. Sponsor: Scott Banta.

Chemical Physics

  • Foegen, Neil. Optoelectronic properties of Perylene diimide-based graphene nanoribbons. Sponsor: Colin Nuckolls.


  • Bannier, Sean. Directed evolution of protein receptor binding for small molecule therapeutics using fluorescence polarization. Sponsor: Virginia Cornish.
  • Liu, Hengrui. Probing diseases using small molecules. Sponsor: Brent Stockwell.
  • Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics
  • Russ, Jonathan. Computational design of structures for enhanced failure resistance. Sponsor: Haim Waisman.
  • Shou, Zhenyu. Harnessing big data for the sharing economy in smart cities. Sponsor: Xuan Di.

Computer Science

  • Kedzie, Christopher. Salience estimation and faithful generation: Modeling methods for text summarization and generation. Sponsor: Kathleen McKeown.
  • Moretti, Antonio. Variational Bayesian methods for spatial statistics and nonlinear dynamics. Sponsor: Itshack Pe'er.

Electrical Engineering

  • Elloian, Jeffrey. Design of a flexible 2D ultrasound phased array with adaptive phasing for sensing applications. Sponsor: Kenneth Shepard.

English and Comparative Literature

  • Gordon, Walter. "Oh awful power": Energy and modernity in African American literature. Sponsors: Austin Graham and Jennifer Wenzel.

Materials Science and Engineering

  • Hu, Jiayang. Two-dimensional self-assembly of nanoparticles at liquid interfaces. Sponsor: Irving Herman.

Mechanical Engineering

  • Finney, Nathan. Symmetry engineering via angular control of layered van der Waals heterostructures. Sponsor: James Hone.

Music (DMA)

  • Lo, Shih-Wei. Partial displacement: En/decoding spectral thinking in Tristan Murail’s Mémoire/Érosion, and Two Compositions for String Quartet. Sponsor: George Lewis.

Neurobiology and Behavior

  • Kanner, Scott. Developing a ‘ubiquitous’ nanobody-based toolkit for modulating ion channel expression in health and disease. Sponsor: Henry Colecraft.


  • Breder, Kelseanne. Social support and wellbeing of LGBT adults: An application of the Convoy Model of social relations. Sponsor: Walter Bockting.

Pathobiology and Molecular Medicine

  • Gallerani, Nicholas. The spatial distribution of cortical interneurons and how clustered protocadherins affect it. Sponsor: Edmund Au.


  • Hu, Rui. Pic, pigeon and pulsar. Sponsor: Andrei Beloborodov.
  • McNally, Rees. Laser cooling of BaH molecules, and low energy tests of fundamental physics. Sponsor: Tanya Zelevinsky.
  • Wenz, Konrad. Nuclear Schiff moment search in Thallium Fluoride molecular beam: Rotational cooling. Sponsor: Tanya Zelevinsky.

TC / Clinical Psychology

  • Jean-Pierre, Arielle. Differences in maternal behaviors affecting child health status among probably depressed and non-depressed mothers in rural Uganda. Sponsor: Helen Verdeli.

TC / Economics and Education

  • Rodriguez Andrade, Viviana. Essays on economics and education. Sponsor: Alexander Eble.

TC / History and Education

  • Park, Jean. Exiled envoys: Korean students in the Atlantic northeast, 1910-1939. Sponsor: Cally Waite.

TC / Measurement and Evaluation

  • Bezirhan, Ummugul. Modelling conditional dependence between response time and accuracy in cognitive diagnostic models. Sponsor: Young-Sun Lee.
  • Elbulok, Musa. A cognitively diagnostic modeling approach to diagnosing misconceptions and subskills. Sponsor: James Corter.

TC / Politics and Education

  • Camp, Matthew. No longer exempt: Higher education's entrée into lobbying. Sponsor: Jeffrey Henig.
  • Park, Elizabeth. Diversity in gifted-and-talented programs: The role of family engagement and bureaucratic rules. Sponsor: Jeffrey Henig.

TC / School Psychology

  • Im, Jennifer. The relationship between distress tolerance, parenting, and substance use among adolescent workers. Sponsor: Stephen Peverly.

TC / Social-Organizational Psychology

  • Li, Aitong. Inclusive leadership questionnaire: The design and validation of a theory-based instrument. Sponsor: Elissa Perry.


Applied Physics

  • Kim, Bok Young. Kerr frequency combs in normal group-velocity dispersion.
  • Ungar, Yocheved. Bacterial spore-based humidity responsive materials for energy conversion, actuation and smart textiles.

Biomedical Engineering

  • Doshi, Anjali. Engineering bacterial swarm patterns for spatial information encoding.

Computer Science

  • Chen, Yichen. Multiscaling and machine learning approaches to elastoplastic simulation.
  • Narin, Anthony. Verified patching through binary rewriting.

East Asian Languages and Cultures

  • Dongchung, Tenzin. Books beyond the library: The spread of woodblock printing technology on Sino-Tibetan borderlands (1644-1911).
  • Lee, Meng Heng. Koreanizing Chinese laws: Illegal border-crossing and persecuting Catholicism in late Chosŏn Korea and east Asian world order (1791-1904).
  • Wang, Siwei. Toward third worldism: The Sino-Latin American literary revolution in the Cold War.

Middle Eastern, South Asian, and African Studies

  • Shenoy, Niyati. Rape and retributive justice in colonial North India.

Political Science

  • Heidemanns, Merlin. Three papers on estimating public opinion.
  • Kim, Ki Young. Re-asserting freedom as the ideal of the workplace.
  • Peteris, Urte. Strategic logics of foreign propaganda.


  • Gilovich, Ilana. Bodysnatching in performance.