Dissertations: March 31, 2023

March 31, 2023


Quiniou, Hélène. Postmetropolitan trauma: A revised history of the present. Sponsor: Nadia Abu El-Haj; David Scott.

Taylor, Howard. Grammars of Repair - German Settler Colonialism in the Aftermath of the Shoah. Sponsor: Nadia Abu El-Haj; David Scott.

Applied Mathematics
Dinenis, Philip. Forecasting Storm Surge Risk and Optimization of Protective Measures. Sponsor: Kyle Mandli.

Applied Physics
Tao, Songsheng. Local structure of nanocrystalline, nanoporous, and heterogeneous functional materials: advancing tools for extracting order from disorder. Sponsor: Simon Billinge.

Zhang, Zhen. Phonon Quasiparticle Studies of Anharmonic Properties of Solids. Sponsor: Renata Wentzcovitch.

Art History and Archaeology
Landsman, Rozemarijn. The Subtlety of Jan van der Heyden's Bricks: Art, Technology, and the City. Sponsor: David Freedberg.

Gibson, Rose. PARVI: The little spectrograph that could. Sponsor: Rebecca Oppenheimer.

Biological Sciences
Fields, Blanche. The Role of the Type VI Secretion System in the Adaptation of Pseudomonas aeruginosa to the Lung. Sponsor: Alice Prince.

Li, Xiaoting. Identifying genetic regulatory variants that affect transcription factor activity. Sponsor: Harmen Bussemaker.

Lu, Shan. Detection of respiratory gas levels by internal sensory neurons in Drosophila larvae. Sponsor: Wesley Grueber.

Shymkiv, Yuriy. Multidimensional encoding of context in the auditory cortex. Sponsor: Rafael Yuste.

Stanley, Adrien. The role of the tail of striatum in associative learning. Sponsor: David Sulzer.

Biomedical Engineering
He, Siyu. Deciphering intercellular interactions by integrating imaging and gene expression with deep-learning techniques. Sponsor: Elham Azizi; Kam Leong.

Kemper, Paul. High frame-rate pulse wave imaging for non-invasive characterization of arterial stiffness in vivo. Sponsor: Elisa Konofagou.

Tavakol, Daniel. Bioengineered models of healthy and malignant human bone marrow for studying systemic disease. Sponsor: Gordana Vunjak-Novakovic.

Biomedical Informatics
Ostropolets, Anna. Generating Reliable and Responsive Observational Evidence: Reducing Pre-analysis Bias. Sponsor: George Hripcsak.

Shieh, Denise. Functional and parametric modeling methods for PET imaging data. Sponsor: Todd Ogden.

Tumasian, Robert. Phase II/III Transitional Seamless Trial Designs with Different Objectives and Endpoint Types. Sponsor: Bin Cheng.

Wang, Siquan. General Bayesian Calibration Framework for Model Contamination and Measurement Error. Sponsor: Qixuan Chen.

Keeratiwutthikul, Rittavee. Essays in International Finance. Sponsor: Jesse Schreger; Olivier Darmouni.

Perkowski, Patryk. Three Essays on Information Technology and Human Resource Management. Sponsor: Bruce Kogut.

Song, Youjin. A Relational View of Performance and Inequality in the Creator Economy. Sponsor: Damon Phillips; Dan Wang.

Sözüer Zorlu, Sibel. Putting food in context: Embedding-based food recommendations. Sponsor: Oded Netzer.

Business: Accounting
Dong, Qingkai. The Impact of Audited Financial Statements on Local Governments: Evidence from US School Districts. Sponsor: Shivaram Rajgopal.

Kang, Yiran. Financial Reporting Around Private Firms? Equity Offerings. Sponsor: Matthias Breuer.

Pan, Wenqiang. Regulatory Oversight and Reporting Quality: Evidence from SEC Office Assignment Change. Sponsor: Thomas Bourveau.

Cellular, Molecular, and Biomedical Studies
Casner, Ryan. Structure and Neutralization of Viral Fusion Proteins. Sponsor: Lawrence Shapiro.

Gomez, Karen. The Major Histocompatibility Complex Class I in the Pathogenesis of B-Cell Lymphomas. Sponsor: Raul Rabadan.

Klompe, Sanne. Discovery of RNA-guided DNA integration by CRISPR-associated transposases. Sponsor: Samuel Sternberg.

Lin, Annie. Discovery and Optimization of Novel Small-Molecule Inhibitors of Glutathione Peroxidase 4. Sponsor: Brent Stockwell.

Martorella, Molly. Noninvasive, low-cost RNA-sequencing enhances discovery potential of transcriptome studies. Sponsor: Tuuli Lappalainen.

Petrescu, Joana. Spatially resolved molecular dysfunction in the prefrontal cortex of patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). Sponsor: Hemali Phatnani.

Savage, Thomas. A pathogenic function of regulatory T cells in chronic liver disease and Chemokines expressed by engineered bacteria recruit and orchestrate anti-tumor immunity. Sponsor: Nicholas Arpaia.

Shayya, Hani. The unfolded protein response couples neuronal identity to circuit formation in the developing mouse olfactory system. Sponsor: Stavros Lomvardas.

Tuddenham, John. A transcriptomic taxonomy of human microglia: Uncovering roles and regulators in aging and neurologic disease.. Sponsor: Philip De Jager; Peter Sims.

Velez-Cortes, Florencia. Prediction of human gut bacterial secreted proteins and their interactions with human colonic proteins. Sponsor: Harris Wang.

Vlahos, Lukas. A novel analytical framework for regulatory network analysis of single-cell transcriptomic data. Sponsor: Andrea Califano.

Wang, Bryan. Cardiomyopathy at the Intersection of Stem Cells and Tissue Engineering. Sponsor: Gordana Vunjak-Novakovic.

Chemical Engineering
Biswas, Akash. Hybrid Catalytic Systems for the Sustainable Reduction of Carbon Dioxide to Value-Added Oxygenates. Sponsor: Jingguang Chen.

Mohr, Robert. Utilizing Free Convection in the Design of a Gravity Driven Flow Battery. Sponsor: Alan West.

Pang, Xueqi. Design Principles for Membraneless Electrolyzers for Production of Fuels and Chemicals. Sponsor: Daniel Esposito.

Rampal, Nikhil. Exploring Reactivity in Aqueous Solutions and at Mineral-Water Interfaces Through the Lens of Rare Event Theory Atomic Scale Simulations. Sponsor: Kyle Bishop; Sanat Kumar.

Su, Rui. Dynamics, pathways, and regulation of exocytotic release. Sponsor: Ben O'Shaughnessy.

Willett, Emma. Engineering Redox pathways: A synthetic NAD(P)(H) cycle for ATP regeneration and a designed pathway for DMP synthesis using directed evolution. Sponsor: Scott Banta.

Zhang, Zhengyan. Quincke Oscillators: Dynamics, synchronization, & assembly of self-oscillating colloids. Sponsor: Kyle Bishop.

Tan, Hui. Small molecules modulating ferroptosis in disease models. Sponsor: Jack Norton.

Yi, Xu. Solid-State NMR Lineshape Broadening at Cryogenic Temperatures. Sponsor: Ann McDermott.

Zhang, Xiao. Photoredox-catalyzed functionalization of amines: Remote directed C-H activation, selective N-Demethylation and Oxime Isomerization. Sponsor: Tomislav Rovis.

Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics
Katsidoniotaki, Maria. Uncertainty quantification techniques with diverse applications to stochastic dynamics of structural and nanomechanical systems and to modeling of cerebral autoregulation. Sponsor: Ioannis Kougioumtzoglou.

Sun, Weizhuo. A self-localized smart hardhat system for construction 4.0. Sponsor: Maria Feng.

Wang, Tengxiang. Thermomechanical analysis of geothermal heat exchange systems. Sponsor: Huiming Yin.

Classical Studies
Dimitropoulos, Maria. Kindred Killers: Intrafamilial Murders in Archaic and Classical Greek Art. Sponsor: Ioannis Mylonopoulos.

Pérez Díaz, Cristina. Where is Meaning Construed?: A Schema for Literary Reception and Comparatism in Three Case Studies. Sponsor: Helene Foley.

Gonçalves, Alexandre. Social Media and the Rise of the New Right in Brazil. Sponsor: Michael Schudson.

Tomson, Danielle. Trolls and true believers: Conservative media influencers in the Trump years 2017-2020. Sponsor: Richard John.

Computer Science
Alubala, Amos. Towards a secure account recovery: Machine learning based user modeling for protection of account recovery in a managed environment. Sponsor: Steven Bellovin; Salvatore Stolfo.

Chen, Brian. Learning Video Representation from Self-supervision. Sponsor: Shih-Fu Chang.

Repetti, Thomas. Designing, Implementing and Programming a Massively Multithreaded Spatial Accelerator Architecture. Sponsor: Martha Kim.

Sloan, Rose. Using linguistic features to improve prosody for text-to-speech. Sponsor: Julia Hirschberg.

Earth and Environmental Engineering
Ding, Jiasheng. Graphene Aerogel Epoxy Sphere used as Ultra-Lightweight Proppants. Sponsor: Athanasios Bourtsalas.

Long, Chenghua. Unraveling the Impact of Phosphorus, Inorganic Carbon and Different Nitrogen Sources on the Structure, Function and Activity of Mixed Nitrifying Microbial Communities. Sponsor: Kartik Chandran.

Earth and Environmental Sciences
Babin, Daniel. Mid-Pleistocene to present southeast African hydroclimate and deep water regimes. Sponsor: Sidney Hemming.

Deluca, Michael. "New 40Ar/39Ar geochronological constraints on the Old Red Sandstone and Caledonides of Scotland [The numbers in front of each Ar are superscripts.]. Sponsor: Nicholas Christie-Blick.

Gemma, Marina. Asteroid Compositions and Planet-Forming Environments: Insights from Spectral and Geochemical Characterization of Chondritic Meteorites. Sponsor: Denton Ebel.

Miller, Una. Moored observations of upper-ocean turbulence and polynya processes. Sponsor: Christopher Zappa.

Towbin, William. The Fidelity of the Mantle Signal in Peridotite Xenoliths: Interactions during Magmatic Ascent. Sponsor: Terry Plank.

East Asian Languages and Cultures
Moody, Peter. Music, Politics, and Indigenization in the DPRK (1945?1991). Sponsor: Jungwon Kim; Gregory Pflugfelder.

Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Biology
Khanwilkar, Sarika. Social and ecological insights across landscape, community, and household scales: Forest health, governance, and livelihoods in central India. Sponsor: Ruth DeFries.

Wells, Heather. Genetic and environmental determinants of recombination in coronaviruses. Sponsor: Simon Anthony; Maria Diuk-Wasser.

Burya, Anastasia. Essays on the impact of Market Power. Sponsor: Michael Woodford; Hassan Afrouzi.

Coombs, Kyle. Essays in Public Economics. Sponsor: Suresh Naidu.

Davitaya, Martsella. Essays in Macroeconomics. Sponsor: Hassan Afrouzi.

Ken Teoh, Hong. Essays in Finance and Macroeconomics. Sponsor: Stephanie Schmitt-Grohé.

Mascarenhas, Rui. Essays in Macroeconomics. Sponsor: Jennifer La'O.

Parimoo, Suneil. Essays in Economic Theory. Sponsor: Stephanie Schmitt-Grohé; W. Bentley MacLeod.

Electrical Engineering
Patel, Prachi. Neural mechanisms of attention and speech perception in complex, spatial acoustic environment. Sponsor: Nima Mesgarani.

Pollmann, Eric. Implantable Optoelectronics for Neural Interfaces. Sponsor: Kenneth Shepard.

Ray, Subhajit. Ultra-low-power audio feature extraction using time-mode analog signal processing circuits. Sponsor: Peter Kinget.

English and Comparative Literature
Jamieson, David. Imagining disgust in the 18th Century. Sponsor: Alan Stewart.

Levy, Aidan. Rhythm speaks: Jazz temporalities and the African American novel. Sponsor: Brent Edwards.

Nolan, Michelle. Informing the implementation of health department led interventions to address the opioid overdose epidemic in New York City. Sponsor: Katherine Keyes.

Perlmutter, Alexander. Examining vaping's possible unintended consequences on cannibis initiation and the initiation of other substances. Sponsor: Kara Rudolph.

Restrepo Henao, Alexandra. Opening the Blackbox of parenting programs: Mediating pathways in parenting programs to prevent externalizing problems and disorders in children and adolescents. Sponsor: Katherine Keyes.

Siegel, Eva. Strengthening policy-relevant evidence in environmental epidemiology:dose-response curve estimation for varying exposure distributions. Sponsor: Pam Factor-Litvak.

French and Romance Philology
Lindberg, Molly. "La Mort Dans L'âme": The Ethics of Writing Violence, Trauma, and Recovery in Francophone Sub-Saharan Africa. Sponsor: Souleymane Diagne.

Genetics and Development
Kodra, Albana. The role of chromatin in proper odor perception. Sponsor: Stavros Lomvardas.

Rosenblum, Noah. Presidential administration: An intellectual and legal history, 1888-1938. Sponsor: Samuel Moyn.

Zuber, Thomas. "We cultivate to redistribute": Child-Rearing, Rural Deverlopment and the Politics of Redistribution in Twentieth Century Burkina Faso. Sponsor: Gregory Mann.

Cuadrado, Alejandro. Dante, Historian of Religious Orders. Sponsor: Teodolinda Barolini.

Law (J.S.D.)
Yakovi Gan-Or, Nofar. Regulating Assisted Reproduction: Between Progress and Stagnation. Sponsor: Carol Sanger.

Materials Science and Engineering
Carter, Michael. Lightweight and Flexible Textile Metasurfaces and Array Antennas via Flat-Knitting. Sponsor: Nanfang Yu.

Das, Sayan. Path Properties of KPZ Models. Sponsor: Ivan Corwin.

Zhang, Robin. The Harris-Venkatesh conjecture for derived Hecke operators. Sponsor: Michael Harris.

Zhu, Weitao. The geometry of polymers and other results in the KPZ universality class. Sponsor: Ivan Corwin.

Mechanical Engineering
Fang, Shuyang. The Mechanical Environment of Pregnancy: Characterizing the Material Remodeling of Primate Reproductive Tissues. Sponsor: Kristin Myers.

Hannigan, Emily. On the Creation and Use of Forward Models in Robot Motor Control. Sponsor: Matei Ciocarlie.

Lagrotta, Carly. Multiscale data-driven modeling of foundational combustion reaction systems. Sponsor: Michael Burke.

Stramel, Danielle. mTPAD A Novel, Overground Cable-Driven Robotic Gait Trainer. Sponsor: Sunil Agrawal.

Neurobiology and Behavior
Applegate, Marissa. Food-caching birds as a model for systems neuroscience: behavioral, anatomical, and physiological foundations. Sponsor: Dmitriy Aronov.

Bowler, John. Direct Cortical Inputs to Hippocampal Area CA1 Transmit Complementary Signals for Goal-directed Navigation. Sponsor: Attila Losonczy.

Liao, Zhenrui. Towards a neuroscience of stories: Metric space learning in the hippocampus. Sponsor: Attila Losonczy.

Lim, Sean. Mutiple Population Codes in Ventral CA1 For Anxiogenic Stimuli and Behavioral States. Sponsor: René Hen.

Sibener, Leslie. Thalamic contributions to motor learning and performance. Sponsor: Rui Costa.

Operations Research
Bahamou, Achraf. Topics in Deep Learning and Data-driven optimization.. Sponsor: Donald Goldfarb.

Bai, Yuanlu. Uncertainty Quantification in Stochastic Simulation: Rare-Event Estimation and Model Calibration. Sponsor: Henry Lam.

Le Flem, Luc. Topics in large-scale limits of interacting systems: Games with common noise, quantitative propagation of chaos and networks. Sponsor: Daniel Lacker.

Liu, Xujia. Efficient Methods for Large-Scale Dynamic Optimization with Applications to Inventory Management Problems. Sponsor: Garud Iyengar.

Perry, Mitchell. Operations Research Tools for Biology. Sponsor: Garud Iyengar.

Pathobiology and Molecular Medicine
Jung Hong, Seo. High-throughput methods to investigate the function and pharmacological inhibition of viral proteases. Sponsor: Alejandro Chavez.

Dressman, Dallin. Genotype-Phenotype Correlation of T Cells from Aged and Alzheimer's Disease Subjects. Sponsor: Wassim Elyaman.

Berens, Roman. Perspectives on Black Holes: Astrophysical, Geometric, and Beyond General Relativity. Sponsor: Rachel Rosen.

Political Science
Argote Tironi, Pablo. The Impact of Social Media on Political Elites. Sponsor: John Marshall.

Hiroshima, Sean. A Theory of Revisionism: Louis XIV and the Spanish Netherlands. Sponsor: Jack Snyder.

Paci, Simone. Making the Fiscal Contract Work: The Politics of Tax Evasion, Tax Enforcement, and Redistributive Fiscal Governance. Sponsor: John Huber.

Akdogan, Basak. Flexible Temporal Processing and Its Neural Bases. Sponsor: Peter Balsam.

Harmon, Chelsea. Social modulators and neural mechanisms of learning across development. Sponsor: Daphna Shohamy; Nim Tottenham.

Huggins, Dara. A Diversity-Conflict Model of Inclusion. Sponsor: Geraldine Downey; Colin Leach.

DeGolan, Erez. Affect in Power: Public Joy in Roman Palestine and the Lived Experience of the Rabbis (?70-350 CE). Sponsor: Beth Berkowitz.

Son, Joonwoo. Cross-Border Investment in Forms: National Income Accounting and the Making of Reliable Government in Postwar Japan. Sponsor: Gil Eyal.

Grande, Alessandro. Overlapping Communities on Large-Scale Networks: Benchmark Generation and Learning via Adaptive Stochastic Optimization. Sponsor: David Blei.

TC / Applied Anthropology
Riina-Ferrie, Joseph. Assembling Computer Science for All New York City. Sponsor: Hervé Varenne.

TC / Behavioral Nutrition
Harb, Amanda. Exploring New York City Summer Meals Before and During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Natural Experiment with Policy Implications and Recommendations. Sponsor: Pamela Koch.

Raaen, Laura. An Evaluation of the Food FARMacy Pantry Program. Sponsor: Pamela Koch.

TC / Cognitive Science in Education
Tang, Jean. The neurobehavioral basis of parallel individuation and the approximate number system. Sponsor: Peter Gordon.

TC / Comparative and International Education
Quezada Morales, Romina. Indigenous Participation in Global Education and the Indigenous Navigator in Bolivia. Sponsor: Regina Cortina.

Shephard, Daniel. Social Networks and Schooling Outcomes among Refugees and Host Students. Sponsor: Peter Bearman; Mary Mendenhall.

TC / Counseling Psychology
Borenstein, Jack. Latinx Jews: Exploring the relationships of acculturation, Jewish identity, and Latinx gender role scales. Sponsor: Marie Miville.

TC / Educational Policy
Malhotra, Katharine. Whose IDEA Is This? A Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of the Federal Emphasis on Inclusive Education. Sponsor: Sarah Cohodes.

TC / English Education
Wilkinson, Emily. Heavy Conversations and New Constellations: A Teacher?s Emotional Dialogues in the State of Jefferson. Sponsor: Sheridan Blau; Robert Fecho.

TC / Kinesiology
Moosavi, Darya. A 1H NMR Metabolomic Exploration of Lifestyle Changes in Healthy Older Adults and The Ethics of Employing Nonhuman Animals in Empirical Research with an Emphasis on Aquatic Animals. Sponsor: Carol Garber.

TC / Mathematics Education
Darrow, Brian. On Mathematical Expertise, Inhibitory Control, and Facets of College Students' Psychoeducational Profile: An Empirical Investigation. Sponsor: Alexander Karp.

TC / Measurement and Evaluation
Chen, Yi. Computational Psychometrics for Item-based Computerized Adaptive Learning. Sponsor: Young-Sun Lee.

Yang, Yi. Modeling Nonignorable Missingness with Response Times Using Tree-based Framework in Cognitive Diagnostic Models. Sponsor: Young-Sun Lee.

TC / Philosophy and Education
Sullivan, Rebecca. Bearing Witness to the Personal Core of Teaching. Sponsor: David Hansen.

TC / Politics and Education
Sands, Sara. Leading from the Classroom: Teacher Leadership in New York City Schools. Sponsor: Jeffrey Henig.

TC / Teaching of Social Studies
Mitchem, Melissa. Transient Tapestries: International School Teachers' Readings of Gender and Womanhood. Sponsor: Sandra Schmidt.

Urban Planning
Snidal, Michael. Missed Opportunity: Three Baseline Evaluations of Federal Opportunity Zones Policy. Sponsor: Lance Freeman.


Chernyakova, Irina. Planning colonization: Architecture, resettlement, and labor under the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union, 1880s-1920s.

Correa Fernández, Pedro. Modern artisans: Drawing, making, and architecture in nineteenth-century Chile and Argentina. 1850-1900.

Rio, Malcolm. Building a Black Atlantic: Architectural ventriloquism and imaginations of a Black modernity.

Art History and Archaeology
Álvarez Guzmán, Ana. The animal mosaic: Visualizing human-animal relationships in Roman Spain.

Cohen, Sarah. The icons of Saint Mark's Basilica.

Mayfield, Jordan. Black queer feminist eco-aesthetics in the afterlives of the Slave Trade.

Smith, Caroline. Emergent orientalism: Portraits of East Asian envoys and expatriates in Rome (1585-1700).

Toktomusheva, Kasiet. Interhelpo: The role of Czechoslovakian cooperative in the architectural development of Frunze, 1925 - 1935.

Yuste-Golob, Rebecca. The botanical garden in the Spanish Enlightenment (1750-1820).

Biomedical Engineering
Bhansali, Divya. Engineering a versatile dendrimer-based platform for the development of drug delivery.

Chen, Yumei. Mechanical responses in the periosteum and the mechanism of periosteal regulation.

Childs, Hannah. Immunomodulatory Matrix for Ligament Healing.

Gedankien, Tamara. Large-scale electrophysiological signatures of human memory.

Wang, Xin. Optimization of personalized T cell based immunotheraphy by characterization of morphology.

Yan, Wenwei. Real-time volumetric whole-animal imaging at cellular resolution with SCAPE microscopy in NeuroPAL worms.

Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics
Li, Weiyi. Physical Characterization of Non-Stationary Canopy Layer Flows.

Yu, Yang. Data-Physics Driven Reduced Order Homogenization.

Bordeleau-Lavoie, Olivier. Lands of the Marvelous and of the imagination: an Inquiry into Paradoxa and Mirabilia from the Hellenistic Era to the High Middle Ages.

Hicks, Marissa. Lactantius and the Crafting of a New World Order.

Computer Science
Nair, Vishnu. Toward Equivalently Accessible Exploration of Rich Digital Media for Blind and Low Vision Users.

Persad, Sitara. Computational methods for inferring biological heterogeneity from single cell data.

Ryan, Gabriel. A probabilistic approach to kernel concurrency testing.

Sanford, Clayton. Neural Network Generalization and Approximation with Intrinsically Low-dimensional Data.

Zhong, Ziyuan. Simulating testing for automated driving systems.

Zhu, Ziwei. Differentiable simulation for photonic design: From semi-analytical wave simulation to ray tracing.

Earth and Environmental Sciences
Antwerpen, Rafael. Understanding Past, Present, and Future Drivers of Ice Mass Loss in Greenland through Sea Level and Climate Modeling, Remote Sensing, and Machine Learning.

Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Biology
Cohen, Rachel. Pleiotropy, horizontal gene transfer, and genomic evolution in parasitic plants.

Cooley, Savannah. A multi-faceted evaluation of forest regeneration as a climate mitigation strategy: leveraging novel spaceborne lidar, local knowledge, observational studies and process modeling.

Meek, Jared. Phylogeography, conservation, and diversification of temperate mountain plant communities.

Sorojsrisom, Elissa. Live Free or Diploid: Evolution & Development of Alternation-of-Generations Life Cycles in Land Plants.

Easton, Matthew. Essays in Urban and Spatial Economics.

Vardani, Akanksha. Topics in land rights and development economics.

English and Comparative Literature
Banerjee, Anirbaan. Assembling race: The print and visual cultures of 'political Blackness' in postwar Britain.

Elhadad, Eman. The poetics of solidarity in transnational Arab resistance literature.

Harekal, Kaagni. Genres of generation: Family and the postcolonial State in India.

Germanic Languages
Arens, Luca. Bad taste, bad habits, bad manners: Indecent thinking & writing in German, 1765-1914.

Tal, Didi. Beying exile: Toward an aesthetic of displacement.

Assayag, Elya. Embroidering histories: Women's day-to-day experience in French colonial Morocco (1912-1956).

Branscum, Elizabeth. ?That Sicknesse of Nine Months?: Health, Pregnancy, and Medical Advice Literature in Early Modern England (1500-1750).

Brown, Evan. Organized baseball: Reworking the transnational circuit, 1946-1965.

Abbattista, Luca. The US and Us. The reinvention of American literature in Italy.

Pizzi, Jilian. Jews and Judaism in the Commedia: Dante's poem within the historical context of Judeo-Christian relations.

Mechanical Engineering
Fritch, Joseph. Research towards stable inverse control.

Meng, Xin. DNA-based Microfluidic Analysis of Intracellular Biomarkers Toward Point-of-Care Radiation Biodosimetry.

Over, Veronica. The effect of laser shock peening on the material properties of additively manufactured metal.

Ursprung, Benedikt. Investigating avalanching nanoparticles for nanothermometry applications.

Wen, Kechun. Microfluidic isolation and characterization of aptamers for biomolecular and cellular targets.

Yanev, Emanuil. Three-dimensional strain-inducing nanoantenna arrays for activating room-temperature single photon sources in Tungsten Diselenide.

McMenamin, Amy. Nurse Practitioner Delivered Primary Care for Older Adults with Multiple Chronic Conditions: An Examination of Patient, Community, and Practice Characteristics.

Sharma, Yashika. Social Determinants of Cardiovascular Health among Sexual Minority Adults.

Operations Research
He, Shengyi. Omportance sampling for rare-event estimation and uncertainty quantification.

Huang, Yilie. Continuous-time reinforcement learning in finance.

Wei, Hao Ting. Scheduling and Routing under Uncertainty with


Political Science
Singh, Manu. The politics of Bot-fluence: the same propaganda but now cheaper and scalable.

Biderman, Natalie. Counterfactual and conceptual inference as a window onto the role of memory in decision-making.

Nakkawita, Emily. Greek international law: Networks, socialization, and compliance.

Sociomedical Sciences
Samuel, Sara. "Shots For Peace: Examining the Utility of Mass Vaccination Campaigns as a Tool of American Foreign Policy, 1950-1985".

Urban Planning
Srinivasan, Ranjani. Caste-Space-Labour at Kolar Gold Fields.

Swope, Carolyn. District of Dispossession: Embodying Gentrification Within the Long History of Colonial Racial Capitalism in Southwest Washington, D.C..