Dissertations: October 3, 2022

October 03, 2022


Carver, Erik. Ordering modernity: The American architectural profession between fact and law, 1786-1884. Advisor: Reinhold Martin.

Art History and Archaeology
Engler, Rachel. Televangelical space, 1950-1985. Advisor: Barry Bergdoll.

Johal, Rattanamol. Forms of despair: Postmodernist art in metropolitan India. Advisor: Alexander Alberro.

Biological Sciences
Ben-Chorin, Gillie. Regulation of stem cell competence in the Drosophila nervous system. Advisor: Minoree Kohwi.

Biomedical Engineering
Saharkhiz, Niloufar. Development and optimization of a clinical harmonic motion imaging system for breast tumor characterization and neoadjuvant chemotherapy response assessment. Advisor: Elisa Konofagou.

Chemical Engineering
May, Richard. Correlating interfacial structure and dynamics to performance in lithium metal batteries. Advisor: Lauren Marbella.

Jafariyan, Amirhossein. Applications of engineered live yeast systems in the human health. Advisor: Virginia Cornish.

Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics
Leung, Ryan. Novel computer vision-based vehicle non-contact weigh-in-motion system. Advisor: Maria Feng.

Robinson, Jumari. Experimental and numerical investigations of the thermomechanical properties of suspension bridge main cables. Advisors: Raimondo Betti and Adrian Brügger.

Tronci, Eleonora. Novel damage assessment framework for dynamic systems through transfer learning from audio domains. Advisor: Maria Feng.

Computer Science
Li, Daniel. Enabling structured navigation of longform spoken dialog with automatic summarization. Advisor: Lydia Chilton.

East Asian Languages and Cultures
Stilerman, Tracy. Placing the Buddha: Writing Tibet as a Buddhist land in the 17th-20th centuries. Advisor: Gray Tuttle.

Mai, Tam. Essays in labor and education economics. Advisor: Miguel Urquiola.

Electrical Engineering
Liu, Tingkai. Spatio-temporal divisive normalization: Invariance and change detection in biological systems. Advisor: Aurel Lazar.

Shukla, Ashish. Serial biasing technique for rapid single flux quantum circuits. Advisor: Mingoo Seok.

English and Comparative Literature
Cádiz Bedini, Daniella. Crossing the Americas: Empire, race, and translation in the long nineteenth century. Advisor: Brent Edwards.

Martinez-Alés, Gonzalo. Major societal crises and suicide. Advisor: Ezra Susser.

Genetics and Development
Jones, Devin. Loss of CELF4-mediated regulation at the synapse. Advisor: Wayne Frankel.

Industrial Engineering
Karatas, Tugce. Essays on ML/DL applications in quantitative finance and asset management. Advisor: Ali Hirsa.

Latin American and Iberian Cultures
Carpio Jiménez, Alberto. Producciones singulares: para una crítica al trabajo en su sentido capitalista desde el cine peninsular en torno al siglo XXI. Advisors: Bruno Bosteels and Alberto Medina.

Middle Eastern, South Asian, and African Studies
Baker, Rana. Engineering profit: Egyptian railroads and the unmaking of prosperity 1847-1907. Advisor: Timothy Mitchell.

Stoumbos, Mary Catherine. Student citizens: Whiteness, inequality, and social reproduction in marketized music education. Advisor: Aaron Fox.

Neurobiology and Behavior
Cooney, Patricia. The kinematic & neuromuscular basis of Drosophila larval escape. Advisor: Wesley Grueber.

Dunton, Edward. A search for Axion-like particles at the coherent CAPTAIN mills detector. Advisor: Michael Shaevitz.

Political Science
Jacobs, Jeffrey. "Our word is our weapon": Text-analyzing wars of ideas from the French Revolution to the First World War. Advisor: Suresh Naidu.

Jaiteh, Salif. Leaving and returning home: Insights on migration policies and attitudes. Advisor: Macartan Humphreys.

Sociomedical Sciences
Kruger, Rebecca. Cultivating more than coffee: Interrogating market-based development, gendered empowerment, and the role of social capital in fair trade co-operatives in Nicaragua. Advisor: Constance Nathanson.


Habib, Hala. And around the mountain: Emerging spatial imaginaries of post-US Afghanistan.

Odum, William. Policing in Guatemala.

van de Sande, Joel. Security and sovereignty in Djibouti.

Karbasioun, Alireza. Spiritual modernity: Architecture, ad the royal sisters patronage in Iran, 1960s-1970s.

Art History and Archaeology
Cha, Sunmin. From physical pain to emotional suffering: Reimagining the suffering of Christ in the Age of Reformation.

Pivo, Hannah. Visualizing "social facts": Social science, planning, and graphic design in the United States, c. 1930-1970.

Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics
Giacomini, Beatrice. Uncertainty quantification for micro-scale processes in canopy flows.

Mo, Zhaobin. Physics-informed deep learning: Applications to transportation.

East Asian Languages and Cultures
Li, Guoyi. Performance, playwriting, and media technology in Meiji Kabuki: Between modern reform and preservation of theatrical traditions.

Historic Preservation
Gasha, Anna. Multilateral movements of technoscientific knowledge and expertise for built heritage, 1945-.

Camps, Celine. Reassembling art: Screws, goldsmithing, and the making of art in Renaissance Nuremberg, 1490-1650.

Greene, Victoria. Gendered warfare in the Polis landscape: The experiences of women in the Peloponnesian War (431-404 BCE).

Pan, Jay. The political economy of Mexican developmentalism: State, businesses, and labor, 1946-1982.

Partyga, Karolina. What's enough? Material waste and industrial states in central Europe, 1949-1990.

Ramos, Lucas. A far more severe law: Italian queer activists and the Catholic nation in an age of western sexual revolution (1958-2000).

Rojas, Heath. Feeling the divine in the Enlightenment and the French Revolution.

Mechanical Engineering
Xu, Xinyi. Nonlinear optics in 3R-stacked MoS2.

Operations Research
Bergquist, Jacob. Three works in queueing theory.

Jayakumar, Manasi. Attentional fluctuations and the temporal organization of memory.

Jensen, Christian. Domination and illusion in Hegel and Marx.

Tarder-Stoll, Hannah. Neural and mnemonic representations of flexible multi-step anticipation.

Adams, Anthony. Affirming affirmative action.

Barnay, Martin. Loneliness and old age: A sociological account.

Chang, Jiyeon. Heterogeneity in the management of group reputation & understanding causes of turnout overreporting.

Cleveland, Jonathan. Measuring the influence of subjective time in social action.

Khanna, Katharine. Motivating men's support for gender equality.

Pang, Nicholas. Forgive us our debts: Market expansion, ethno-racial boundaries, and the democratization of bankruptcy.

Portugaly, Erela. Constructing reproduction of people with mental or developmental disability.

Schott, Berenike. The social reproduction of support for the political far right.

Siegler, Bonnie. Investigating U.S. school districts' commitments to racial equity, 2020 to present.

Tadmon, Daniel. Ethics in psychotherapy.

Triguero Roura, Mireia. Race and nation: Examining the determinants and consequences of a racialized imagined community.

Tsaturyan, Anastasia. Strategic traditionalism and geopolitical competition: Investigating the anti-western pushback in Russia.

Clapie, Alice. Degeration, evolution, and humanism in late Victorican and Edwardian drama.

Urban Planning
Huennekens, Joseph. A different type of dream: Planning for density in an ultra-Orthodox Jewish ethnoburb.