Dissertations: September 19, 2022

September 19, 2022


Art History and Archaeology
Blair, Susannah. Constantin guys and the modern newspaper. Advisor: Jonathan Crary.

Tamur, Erhan. Site-worlds: Art, politics, and time in and beyond Tello (Ancient Girsu). Advisor: Zainab Bahrani.

Biological Sciences
Yeh, Yow-Tyng. Auditory tuning in vocal learning songbirds. Advisor: Sarah Woolley.

Biomedical Informatics
Einson, Jonah. Common and rare genetic effects on the transcriptome and their contribution to human traits. Advisor: Tuuli Lappalainen.

Garcia de la Garza, Angel. Functional data analysis and machine learning for high-dimensional data. Advisor: Arthur Jeff Goldsmith.

Business: Finance
Giesecke, Oliver. Topics in State and local government finances. Advisor: Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh.

Cellular, Molecular, and Biomedical Studies
Cho, Joshua. The role of microRNA-219 IN Alzheimer's Disease-related tau proteostasis and pathology. Advisors: Syed Hussaini and Ismael Santa-Maria Perez.

Kesner, Jordan. Noncoding translation mitigation. Advisor: Xuebing Wu.

Rybkina, Xenia. The landscape and interplay of antiviral immunity mounted against SARS-CoV-2 infection across tissues, age, and disease. Advisor: Donna Farber.

Chemical Engineering
Dhatt-Gauthier, Kiran. Bayesian analysis of particle tracking data using hierarchical models for characterization and design. Advisor: Kyle Bishop.

Mayilvahanan, Karthik. Parameter estimation for physics-based electrochemical model parameterization and degradation tracking. Advisor: Alan West.

Shlian, Daniel. Synthesis, structures, and reactivity of Zinc, Cadmium, and Magnesium complexes supported by Nitrogen donor and Carboxylate Ligands. Advisor: Gerard Parkin.

Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics
Impraimakis, Marios. Unknown input structural health monitoring. Advisor: Andrew Smyth.

Shen, Mengyao. Developments of two methodologies in uncertainty quantification in civil engineering and engineering mechanics. Advisors: Raimondo Betti and George Deodatis.

Computer Science
Maia, Henrique. Harnessing simulated data with graphs. Advisor: Eitan Grinspun.

Stoica, Ana-Andreea. Algorithmic design for social networks: Inequality, bias, and diversity. Advisor: Augustin Chaintreau.

Earth and Environmental Engineering
Jiang, Minxi. Unlocking the potential of carbonaceous resource recovery from arrested anaerobic digestion of food waste: Engineering design and meta-omics analysis. Advisor: Kartik Chandran.

Song, Dongping. Tracer studies of air/sea gas exchange, mean residence times, and stable isotope fractionation in the Arctic Ocean. Advisor: Peter Schlosser.

Earth and Environmental Sciences
Herman, Rebecca. Drivers and mechanisms of historical Sahel precipitation variability. Advisor: Adam Sobel.

Lambert, Jonathan. Pleistocene nutrient, thermocline, and bottom current dynamics in the South Pacific sector of the Western Pacific Warm Pool. Advisor: Braddock Linsley.

Trinh, Rebecca. Microbial ecology of Antarctic carbon export. Advisor: Hugh Ducklow.

Electrical Engineering
Shin, Min Chul. Visible to near-infrared integrated photonics light projection systems. Advisor: Michal Lipson.

Turkcan, Mehmet. Sensory processing and associative learning in connectome-based neural circuits. Advisor: Aurel Lazar.

Kajeepeta, Sandhya. Estimating the negative and racialized consequences of the police-centric response to intimate partner violence. Advisor: Seth Prins.

Moss, Shadiya. Parental incarceration and adolescent externalizing behaviors and substance use: Reconciling discrepant findings. Advisor: Katherine Keyes.

Bautista Gonzalez, Manuel. King Cotton's silver and gold chains: The New Orleans specie market under international bimetallism, 1839-1861. Advisor: David Weiman.

Hamdani, Yoav. The Slaveholding Army: Enslaved Servitude in the United States Military, 1797-1861. Advisor: Karl Jacoby.

Joseph, Matthew. Syncopating segregation: Musical cross-pollination in post-World War II in New York City. Advisors: Casey Blake and Hilary-Anne Hallett.

Mendon-Plasek, Aaron. Genealogies of machine learning. Advisor: Matthew Jones.

Mechanical Engineering
Aksit, Aykut. Microneedles for the inner ear. Advisor: Jeffrey Kysar.

Al Aali, Ibraheam. Decarbonizing the electricity sector in Qatar. Advisor: Vijay Modi.

Antony, Abhinandan. Applications of van der Waals materials for superconducting quantum devices. Advisor: James Hone.

Lee, Nicole. Identification of the mechanical role of extracellular matrix components in cervical remodeling. Advisor: Kristin Myers.

Luna, Tatiana. Robotic strategies to characterize and promote postural responses in standing, squatting and sit-to-stand. Advisor: Sunil Agrawal.

Omofuma, Isirame. Effects of perturbation-based balance training and transcutaneous spinal cord stimulation on postural balance control in healthy subjects. Advisor: Sunil Agrawal.

Rauschkolb, Noah. Efficient adoption of residential energy technologies through improved design of electric retail rates. Advisor: Vijay Modi.

Neurobiology and Behavior
Kato, Daniel. Effects of learning and experience on multisensory integration in primary somatosensory cortex. Advisor: Randy Bruno.

Nejatbakhshesfahani, Mohammadamin. Statistical analysis of neural data. Advisor: Liam Paninski.

Nwakeze, Chiamaka. Regional regulation of clustered protocadherin expression and function in the murine central and peripheral nervous system. Advisor: Tom Maniatis.

Panzarino, Alexandra. High-resolution characterization of dendritic spines in a mouse model of Fragile X Syndrome. Advisor: Inbal Israely.

Randolph, Lisa. Regulation of synapse number by Pumilio RNA-binding proteins. Advisor: Ulrich Hengst.

Nutritional and Metabolic Biology
Shearer, Alyssa. Investigation of novel lncRNAs harboring risk SNPs associated with celiac and Crohn's disease. Advisor: Sankar Ghosh.

Operations Research
Lut, Yuliia. Privacy-aware data analysis: Recent developments for statistics and machine learning. Advisor: Rachel Cummings.

Wang, Shatian. Essays on network theory: Diffusion, link analysis, and hypergraph learning. Advisor: Van-Anh Truong.

Zhang, Lingyi. Incremental packing problems: Algorithms and polyhedra. Advisor: Yuri Faenza.

Pathobiology and Molecular Medicine
Xiang, Ting Wei. The role of Pparg in urothelial carcinoma. Advisor: Cathy Mendelsohn.

Branscum, Olivia. Recovering matter's "Most Noble Attribute:" Panpsychist-materialist Monism in Margaret Cavendish, Anne Conway, and 17th-century English thought. Advisor: Christia Mercer.

Richmond, Andrew. Methods in mind: Explanation in cognitive science. Advisor: John Morrison.

Kahn, Alan. Applying anomaly detection to search for new physics with the ATLAS detector at the large hadron collider. Advisor: Gustaaf Brooijmans.

Kennedy, Kiley. The late light show with long-lived particles: A search for displaced and delayed diphoton and dielectron vertices at the LHC. Advisor: John Parsons.

Ribeiro, Deivid. Observations of transient events with very-high-energy gamma-ray telescopes. Advisor: Thomas Humensky.

Political Science
Wood, Colleen. Going viral during a pandemic: Civil society and social media in Kazakhstan. Advisor: Timothy Frye.

Slavic Languages
Ilicic, Milica. Joyful sensibilities: Bakhtin's polyphonic aesthetics and the ethics of generosity. Advisor: Mark Lipovetsky.

Lara García, Francisco. Local context and the integration of Mexicans in Albuquerque and Tucson. Advisor: Andreas Wimmer.

TC / Anthropology and Education
Hansen-Hunt, Miranda. Learning to discipline. Advisor: Herve Varenne.

TC / Clinical Psychology
Frymann, Tomas. The interbeing identity scale: Exploring the integration of our fundamental identity with all other beings, nature, and the Cosmos. Advisor: Lisa J. Miller.

Renaud, Anne. Training NYC providers in interpersonal psychotherapy for perinatal depression: Assessing feasibility, acceptability, preliminary effectiveness, and sustainability of a training model and intervention. Advisor: Helen Verdeli.

TC / Cognitive Science in Education
Kumar, Aakash. Challenges of using augmented reality to teach magnetic field concepts and representations. Advisor: Catherine Chase.

Yang, Yun. The causal map: Enhancing creativity by supporting the construction of alternate problem representations. Advisor: James Corter.

TC / English Education
Decerff, Jennifer. The body we write in: Reentry women narrate an embodied experience of writing in graduate education. Advisor: Robert Fecho.

Spinale, Kevin. Humane principles for the teaching of writing: Interiority, drama, and conceptions of technology in the scholarship of James Moffett and Walter Ong. Advisor: Sheridan Blau.

Wu, Jinjin. The evolution of the teaching of English in mission schools in modern Chinese history (from the late Qing Dynasty to 1949). Advisor: Ruth Vinz.

TC / School Psychology
Szczesniak, Lisa. Relationships between cognitive abilities and reading skills: Testing for nonlinearity. Advisor: Benjamin Lovett.


Thakur, Rishav Kumar. Vagaries of love: Queer relations and community-making under Hindu rightwing expansion in frontier India.

Art History and Archaeology
Petit, Yann. Relocation dan masks and masquerades.

Biomedical Engineering
He, Hengda. Functional neuroimaging for investigating the interactions between cortical and brainstem systems in the human brain.

Kenawy, Hagar. IVD mechanotransduction and inflammatory based therapies.

Chemical Engineering
Shen, Jundai. Engineering programmable DNA nanoscale assembly with functional nanomaterials.

Computer Science
Lin, Xudong. Efficient and scalable multimodal learning.

Shekel-Nosatzki, Negev. New frontiers in string algorithms and dataset problems.

Vafa, Keyon. Machine learning methods for computational social science: Applications in labor economics and legislative behavior.

Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Biology
Johnston, Amanda. Surviving a legacy of deforestation: The endangered golden monkey (Cercopithecus mitis kandti) in volcanoes and Gishwati-Mukura National Parks, Nevada.

Middle Eastern, South Asian, and African Studies
Alhayek, Ruwa. Modern Arabic poetry and the South-South connection.

Hobensack, Mollie. Understanding the influence of social risk factors on predictive models for older adults in home healthcare.

Leonard, Sarah. Weight discrimination, intersectional oppression, and mental and emotional health of sexual and gender minority people.

Siegelman, Matthew. Investigating neural representations of language and vision in perception and memory with computational methods.

Majoka, Khadeeja. Keepers of the sun, the moon and the stars: Wandering with Qalandars in contemporary Lahore.

Adetiba, Moyinoluwa. Science begets knowledge, knowledge begets an epidemic': An analysis of the role of anti-Black racism in the global public health response to HIV/AIDS.

Aleksanyan, Alexander. Reassembling the arms of the State: Veterans as a catalyst for organizational conflict and change in the American Penal System.

Chae, Jongsun. Daytime intergroup contact: A study of its measurement and consequences in voting behavior and cultural consumption.

Fu, Zheng. Topography of rumors.

Ganter, Flavien. Cross-cutting cleavages, intra-group heterogeneity, and ethnoracial boundaries in the United States.

Henderson, LeShae. Constructing indigeneity.

Lee, Seungwon. Matrix of criticisms.

Yalgin, Ali. Temporality in human rights plays and performance.