Gerrard P. Bushell (’04PhD, Political Science)

January 06, 2020
Gerrard P. Bushell

What is your current role?
President and CEO, DASNY (Dormitory Authority State of New York).

What are you working on now?
Infrastructure financings and investments.

What drew you to your field?
I wanted an opportunity to combine finance and public policy into a meaningful role. The opportunity to lead the nation's largest financier of infrastructure was a chance to bring skills and lessons from my previous experiences in the public and private sectors.

What lessons from graduate school have you found useful in your professional life?
Graduate school was a wonderful teacher. It taught me the value of research, and the levels of commitment required to learn and/or gain expertise in a subject matter. I learned that I can approach a subject in a very studious way and continue to ask new questions and engage new subjects.

What skill has unexpectedly helped you in your career?
Inquiry. A continuous process of exploration has given me the opportunity to think outside of conventional boundaries, and ask myself first and foremost: What am I getting out of my experiences, and is this a place I want to be?

What is your favorite memory from your graduate years?
I loved the community. It is hard to re-create that outside of college and graduate school.

What are your passions outside of your work?
Listening to great jazz, reading, theater, and just engaging people.

What is your advice for current GSAS students?
Commit to a lifelong process of learning, and prepare for uncertainty, as it always comes your way!

What is next for you, professionally or otherwise?
I really do not know at this moment. The future is uncertain, and I am okay with that.